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Rolling Stone

Tomorrow I go back to Japan. I leave the house probably not so bright and plenty early. By the time it is all over I will be back in the land of the rising sun. I am excited to go back, but I am also really sad this time. It seems harder to go back than it has in the past. Part of it is the adventure isn’t as unknown, and part of it is I had a great time with my friends and family – so the thought of leaving again is heavy on me. There are people I didn't see that I wanted too, and there is a matter that I hoped to resolve and failed. Hopefully I will get another shot at it soon enough, and I could write a letter or two to those I failed to see. And it will be nice to see Daito Massive again.

Sigh, frankly I wish I had another 3 weeks so I could see Laurence in CA and Fleur - even if that meant going to Tex-ass. And I failed to visit Oberlin, which may be a good thing because it could have made this even harder.

I am just down right now and missing home, before I even leave. I am sure when I am back home - I use that term to define two places as you may have noticed - I will be back in the groove.

Well kids, I’ll see you on the other side: second star to the right and on 'till morning.

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