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Pittsburgh-er Joint Visit

For the last four/five days I have been visiting my friends Jeff and Katie. Jeff gave me really good directions to get to his house. I googled my way from Jeff’s to Katie’s, which is where the bad stuff began. I rolled into Pittsburgh before Jeff got off work and thought I would go to Katie’s. So began my odyssey of time and space. I am use to a system of roads that are grid like and logical. Imagine my surprise to find that Pittsburgh’s roads were designed by lunatics, placed on hills, and then given 5 names per road. To quote Uncle Dirtae, “Driving in Pittsburgh blows.” What should have taken me 15 minutes turned into an hour long trip of driving around, strong swearing, minor crying, and total frustration. This is indicative of all Pittsburgh driving experiences.

With Jeff:
Jeff and I played a lot of Dreamcast. I owned him at Bust-a-Move 4 except for when he had had a beer (aka “go juice”). Thus, other than when Jeff is on performance enhancing substances, the Champ is here! I am the Champ. He beat me pretty bad at Chu-chu Rocket, but we all know that the meat and potatoes of gaming IS Bust-a-Move 4, and I am unbeatable. I was so god like with Martino that Jeff eventually had to switch from his usual character of “frost girl” to Martino too. Even though Martino proved a tough challenge for me, I still crushed.

Jeff also took me to a great Asian and Mexican restaurant. YUM.

It was really good to hang out with Jeff. When I was dating I didn’t hang out with him as much as pre-dating, which was a big mistake on my part. It was really good to hang out with Jeff. It felt more like the good old middle/high school days.

With Katie and Jeff:
Katie, Jeff, and I hung out a while. We went to see “Wedding Crashers,” we were hesitant because the previews make it look horrible, but Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 75%. So we went. Wedding Crashers was great. It was a very funny movie. It worked because it didn’t try to be a pc inclusive comedy. It was rough and politically incorrect. It would be offensive to some, but I find that when movies are trying to please everyone they end up pleasing no one.

Along with Tom, we went to the Church Brew Works. It is a converted Catholic church to a brewery & eatery. I had a delicious ginger-raisin bread pulled barbequed pork sandwich: yum-a-dum-dum.

With Katie:
First off, Katie cut her trademark hair! Her gorgeous cascade of blond is still there, but now there is less of it. Instead of her hair going to the small of her back, it goes to about shoulder blade level. She wore it up more than I have seen her wear it in the past. She also wore it in a braid. She doesn’t like the cut that much, but I thought it was cute. Her hair looked different, but still very nice. It is still Katie’s Hair™

Katie and I went to the zoo, which was pretty nice for a smallish zoo. On the zoo grounds was also the aquarium. It was no Osaka Aquarium, but it was cool. It had a lot of little tanks, which can be, in some ways, more entertaining than the HUGE tanks present at Osaka. I saw the memorial for Chuckles the Demonic Dolphin, and got to touch a bat ray.

Katie and I also went bowling. She has come a very long way since our time together among The Six [the senior year physics intramural bowling team was named The Six Flavor’s of Quark]. Our first game was close with her winning, our second game she creamed me, and, in a goof-off third game, I beat her. But, in all excuses fairness, I haven’t bowled in some 4+ months.

It was so pleasant to be around Katie. We were able to reminisce about Oberlin, pull no punches about the superiority of physicists in all things, and talk.

With Me Alone:
I went to the Carnegie Natural History Museum to see the Bog People. They were very cool although the presentation was a little over the top. All the same, seeing human remains and artifacts dating back over 2000 years, was really amazing.

I had a great time in Pittsburgh, even though Pennsylvania is crazy, and Ohio is the only sane state in the union. Jeff and Katie are welcome to come back sane-side anytime.

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