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Andrew Magrath

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What's in a Place? What's in a Name?

Two things,
First, I am going back to America in a few hours, it feels so sureal. I will be home for about a month. I am not looking foward to the 16 hours it will take to get back to Alliance, but I am very happy to be going.

Second, yesterday was awesome. I went to the Osaka Robocup, expect more on that at a later date, I also went to a party. There were a lot of really charming women at Dan and my table and they were kind enough to put my name into Kanji. They spelled my name differently than I usually do, they spelled it Andoryu (アンドリュー) and I spell it Andoru (アンドル-) but their spelling is closer to how I actually say my name, plus ryu means "dragon." So in Kanji my name is 安堵龍 which means "Relaxing Dragon."

Time to turn off the computer and pack it.

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