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Can somebody lend me some points? I need some medicine.

At yesterday’s Board of Education meeting, we all got a very large form with grids and points and quantities. It looked complicated. But then it was explained that due to our health package we have earned 100 “points.” We can use our points to get free medical stuff on this form. It is all in Japanese so I am not exactly sure what I can get. But you can also buy gadgets with your points. There were pictures of the gadgets on the back of the form, now that I understand! So I am getting, a pedometer (45 points), a basic first aid kit (25 points), and 6 tubes of muhi (ムヒ) (at 5 points a tube) for a total of 100 points used. Muhi is a kind of skin antihistamine to prevent itching. It turns out I am violently allergic to insect bites in Japan and itch like crazy. Muhi is suppose to help. Really I am getting so much muhi because it was the only medicine I could actually read and knew what it was. Too bad Allegra-D wasn’t one of the choices. Sigh.

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