Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Angel Season II

Spoilers alert don’t read below if you don’t want to find out some plot points
I finished the second season of Angel, and it was better than the first. At first it just didn’t hook me. The formula changed from Angel doing random tasks and becoming more human, and I wasn’t hip to the change. Plus the first couple of episodes just didn’t seem to appeal too much to me, but then stuff got good. The actress that plays Darlia did a great job of making you hate her, then feel sorry for her, than kind of hate and feel sorry for her. I thought the way Angel was broken and turned semi-evil was really well done, as well as the success of the other characters without him. I was particularly impressed with the way Cordelia’s character was handled. I always thought it was a mistake to cast her because her character was so shallow, I doubted she could actually be useful for anything but that. The visions slowly changing her into a deep character was very well done and executed. I did have some complaints about the series though. I hated the last few episodes with the Medieval Alternate Dimension. That was lame, for me it really killed the flow of the previous immensely intense and powerful episodes that came before. I know you need a break from the level of emotional intensity that Angel can bring or the serious would suffer, but we didn’t need a 3-4 episode break! I now can’t wait for the next season, which I may start tonight but I need to start going to be a bit earlier, but not tonight the earthquake still has me pretty hyped up.

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