Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The Sleepiness Consumes Me!

I have been really sleepy as of late. I haven’t been sleeping well. I think it may be finally time to turn on the air conditioner at night. Not because it is particularly hot yet, but because with my balcony door open I get some noise coming in. One idiot that lives in my complex in particular has become the bane of my night time existence. He rides a huge crotch rocket of a motorcycle. Whenever he starts it (usually when I have just drifted off to sleep) he feels the need to rev it up for what seems like 10 minutes. When you are away dreaming of rooms filled with rainbows and ponies, it is rather shocking to be pulled back out by, what sounds to be, a V-50 engine without a muffler system. And to have that noise continue for say 34 minutes of uninterrupted rev-ing makes one feel as if one is going through the apocalypse: it seems just behind the noise of the engine you can hear the sounds of babies crying, women wailing, men gnashing their teeth, and pigs being slaughtered. The point is, I really don’t like that guy. Then, insult to lack of sleep injury, I have to pass his bike going into my apartment and there is a moment when my eyes lock on it, and it (in its own way) looks back and it whispers, “Whatcha gonna do about it, tough guy?” and I must whisper back, “One of these days bike… One of these days…”

The reason I am sleepy today (Monday) is because I went and did a silly thing. On Sunday I watched a lot of season 3 of Babylon 5. I was inspired to free build, so I finally opened the Lego set Daito Massive got me for my birthday last year. So I watched Babylon 5 (sometimes passively) and built (sometimes passively) for, I don’t know, around 8 hours. I failed to accomplish getting worksheets done that needed to be done. I realized this AFTER the motorcycle jerk had startled me awake at around 11:30. So I got up and worked on worksheets while passively watching another episode of Babylon 5 Season 3. It was way past my bed time and my REM cycle was all shot because of motorcycle guy. The kicker comes from the fact that today I didn’t even have the worksheets due! Garrrrr. That stinks. Ohh well I was awake anyways. I have no classes today which is both good and bad. Nothing seems to make work drag like being exhausted and having nothing really to do. But at the same time I am exhausted so I don’t feel like doing anything, so it kind of works out, I guess. The world just has a blur when you haven’t sleep enough. And it isn’t that “interesting blur” you get when you have had too much cough medicine; it is that “yucky blur” that you get when you haven’t had enough cough medicine.

In other news Damien had an okonomiyki (Japanese style pancake which has unions, bacon, and cabbage in it) party. While at the party we listened to another JET, Aaron Ackerson’s, CD. When I first noticed Aaron I thought he might be a jerk, but at the JET conference in Kobe we hung out, and I have found that he is a really awesome guy. I just read him wrong at first. He is one of those really quite and quirky creative people. Oppose to my original thinking that he was one of those smug and quite people. So finding out the truth about Aaron happied me. His CD is sufficiently odd and irreverent, thus making it a joy. The CDs title is “The Sexiest Man on Earth” which is also the main song in which Aaron is lauded as such. In one track he has the classic, “When I say _____, you say ( )!” What made that awesome was that Aaron’s version goes, “When I say Chrono, you say Trigger. Chrono! Trigger! Chrono! Trigger!” Because Chrono Trigger is arguably the greatest party based RPG of all time, I really identified with this song.

I am also nearly finished with season 3 of Babylon 5 and it is good stuff.

I have also recently made another Yodabashi purchase. I bought the external DVD burning to help solve the problem that my hard drive is filling up very fast these days. I thought the DVD burner would help, and it has to an extent. The problem is if I want to maximize a DVD burned I need around 4 gigs to put on it, and, being the archivist I am, I like to have all the information on the DVD related to make searches of my archives easier. So the problem has not really been fixed at all! So I went out and bought an external hard drive. I knew I had a lot of points on my Yodabashi card. Every time you make a purchase at Yodabashi Camera you present your card and earn a percentage of the purchase in points. You can then use the points like money off the card. Unlike similar plans in the States, the Yodabashi Card has a really high percentage earned. The percentage earned goes up as the cost goes up, but there is a minimum of 10-20% earned. It builds up fast, even with just a few minor purchases I have enough points to make a dent on a larger purchase, or get a minor thing for free. I figured it was a good time to cash some of my points in. I found a nice 250 gig external for around 20,000円 I had 7,000円 built up on my card so the drive only cost me around 13,000円 ($130). This allowed me to start downloading the final season of Babylon 5!

I now have to figure out how to send money home and then I will be all set to buy some needed reading material from Amazon, buy a few of the MST3K fan burned shows, and repay my parents for taxes. The problem is the process is all in Japanese and I will need help the first time to do it. This requires going to the bank when someone is there it help me, but I tend to be at school during that time. So further plans must be made.

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