Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath


I just survived my first earthquake. It was a little scary. I was just sitting watching the last episode of season II of Angel when it felt like the guy upstairs was moving something really heavy, or the wind was blowing really hard and shaking the building a bit. But it didn’t stop, and stuff started to shake more. Pretty soon my kitchen stuff is rattling and clinking. By now I know it is an earthquake, but what do I do? I got this earthquake safety brochure and jokingly hung it on my wall, “Just in case, ha ha ha.” I think I will be taking it down and reading now. Anyways, the ground was shaking so I walked to the front door opened it up and stood in the door frame. I probably should have stood in an alternate door frame but I wanted to be close enough outside that if natives started getting out of the building I could see them and be getting out too! It was by no means a strong earthquake. But I was surprised how long it lasted. It probably went for a good minute to minute and half. I got really dizzy afterwards. My guess is a lot of blood had rushed from my head (not from any kind of open wound though, don’t worry), and also because the whole thing was rather discombobulating. It is like after you ride a roller coaster or something, I was dizzy and a little weak kneed. I was so dizzy that it felt like things were still shaking even after they had stopped. But I got some fresh air standing in my doorway so that helped make me feel not so weird. I grabbed my mobile and called my friends south of Suminodo Station, and they are fine. So everyone is fine. None of my books fell from the shelf, the dishes in my strainer were not even really all that upset. But it was pretty scary to be looking at the building next to mine shake and shake and shake. This was the first time I really REALLY wanted to be back in Ohio, where we only have tornadoes. I like natural disasters that I can see coming! Speaking of which, looks like a new typhoon is headed towards Japan and there is a volcano erupting far from me. Boy what a great country. No wonder the people are so nice to each other, nature is trying to kill them!

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