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A phrase to be happied by

Yesterday in the Daily Yomiuri I read one of the most delicious sentences I have had the pleasure of reading, “Eight years after the departure of the flamboyantly despotic Mobutu Sese Seko from Zaire, many in the country say life there has grown worse.” Okay, so the subject of the sentence is not a cheery one. But how can you not love the phrase “flamboyantly despotic”? I mean wow. That is a great phrase. It is such a great phrase I am not sure if it should be used with bad connotation, ie: “Man, I just went to work yesterday, and now I have to go again? This is so flamboyantly despotic.” Or if it should have a really positive connotation, ie: “Dude, I just won the lottery and bought the company where my arch-enemy’s father works, so I fired him. This is so flamboyantly despotic!” Or the third option is it could be negative or positive depending on what it is modifying, ie “Ohh no! There are a lot of people hurt due to the flamboyantly despotic car crash in front of my house involving a circus truck. But I can have all the cotton candy and popcorn I can eat, at least that is flamboyantly despotic.” Truly, this is a tough call.

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