Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Limit of inventions as technocratism goes to infinity = the automatic eraser

Today I saw what can only be described as the most useless and technocratic thing I have ever seen. Far more than the uber sinks (which held the old record) now I am proud to say the most sickening piece of technology for technologies sake is the automatic eraser. One of my first graders showed it to me today. Essentially it is a very long standard rubber eraser set in a plastic tube (to hold on to). The eraser is attached to a motor that causes it to vibrate. The vibrations mean that you do not need to actually take the time, energy, and mental resources to drag the eraser across your mistake. You merely turn the motor on and it oscillates the eraser causing the mistake to go to oblivion. This machine is gratuitous, it is a waste of energy, it is psychotic in its very purpose, and it is something I desperately desperately want.

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