Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

It came, Dan saw, I Laundered

Hurray for Sunday. Even though Sunday was not fun because I had to get up early and I had to go to school today so I didn’t get to stay up late, it was great because my waster dryer combo arrived. At 11:30 I ran out and got a bento lunch. By the time I was finished eating it, around 12:00 I hear the beep beep beep of a truck backing up into my little parking lot. Running to my balcony I look down and see a heart worming site. My beautiful new machine has arrived. I quickly clear a space and wait. They bring it up and assess my old machine, which they say they cannot buy. This makes me sad, after a lot of hand gestures I understand they will take it away for me as scrap but I will have to pay 3,000円 (about $30). I call Dan who stops by on his way home from MOS Burger and he confirms this. I give them the universal “Make it so” gesture from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then the guys installed my new machine and I do laundry right away. The new washer has more buttons than my old one so I did not know how to operate it. I could have bugged Dan, but having my degree in physics means I am pretty good at moving junk and pushing random buttons; so I figured I could use my skill set to figure it out. I almost got it right the first time. I made a mistake somehow and the washer did not spin the water out of my clothes very much, so they went into the drier pretty wet. I think the problem is I read the button that said “ドライ ” (dry) and assumed it meant the drier, rather than an extended spin cycle. But now that I know how the drier works, I have come to the conclusion that the “ドライ ” (dry) button actually means an extended spin cycle. Regardless, I did clean my clothes on the first go. After they came out, wet but clean, I put them in the drier and got it going too. I don’t know if it has a timer on it or a sensor of some kind because it never stopped running automatically and I did not experiment to see if it would stop on its own. Anyways I let it run (checking intermittently) for 2 hours and my clothes were drier than they usually are when I lug them in of my clothesline. I was able to accomplish in about 3 hours what usually takes me approximately 2-4 days. Brilliant! I can’t wait to go home and do more laundry! I just realized how sad that is. To think I once lived a rich and full life, and now I get my kicks from doing laundry. Feeling old is weird.

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