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I went to Hell and Back: and have the pictures to prove it!

Yes dear friends, I have been to the Hells and back. Hell wasn't like the broacher you may have picked up at your local religious affiliation. But its public transportation system was pretty damning (obligatory rim shot)

I have updated my flickr site with some pictures from the geologically active Beppu.

The Hells (jigoku) were a strange place. You think you know the planet we live on. You think that 23 odd years of living means you know what to expect from your good pal Mother Earth, but you are wrong. The Hells are each like another world. The smell of sulfur is, at times, oppressively thick. The very ground beneath you is warm to the touch. Water takes on colors usually reserved for lava lamps. Pillars of steam prove to be dynamic and enigmatic fixtures against the city and mountains landscape. The Hells is such an awesome thing to see. Let’s Enjoying.

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