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Golden Week: The Good, The Bad, The Mediocre

So this week is Golden Week (last Friday we had off and we have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off). I am taking Monday and Friday off, for a nice 10 day break from school.

Good news I found a washer/drier unit last night at Pop-Town. But ohh no! Pop-Town closes in half an hour, what is our hero to do? I ran to the 100 Yen Plaza and purchased a tape measure, pen, and paper all for 315 yen (I love 100 yen stores!). Then I zoomed back to the recycle store and took the vital measurements of the glorious machine. It has a drier on top of a standard washing machine, so I was a bit concerned about where it would go. On my way out of Pop-Town I picked up a sub from Subway. After eating a delicious chicken and cream cheese sub on sesame I went out onto my porch and measured out a place were the new machine will go. It will fit! I talked to Dan and he told me how to say “Please take my old machine when you bring the new one.”

Today I got up early (about 9) and ran over to Pop-Town and bought the thing. I am really pumped. Which is sad because I use to only be pumped about things like video games and books. I’m still pumped about those things – mind you – but being pumped about a washer/drier just makes me feel old. Anyways now is the bad news. The washer/drier will come SOMETIME on Thursday – Sunday. Drat. This means I have to cut my vacation plans to Kyushu short.

Tomorrow I will be waking up bright and early (for me) and going to the island of Kyushu. I am going to the town of Beppu. Beppu is described by most books as “The Los Vegas of Hot Springs Towns.” So it should be rather glitzy. Ohh well, I am going for The Hells. The Hells are a series of hot springs too hot to bathe in. It is like Yellowstone Park. They look amazing. There is also a hotel that looks amazing with amazing grounds, several amazing hot spring pools, amazing stone lanterns, and amazing so on, but alas it is around $200 a night which is too rich for my blood: especially because of my last trip to Yodabashi Camera.

So I was at Yodabashi Camera and I think, "I will walk through the computer section." I go down there and what do my fine little eyes spy but external DVD +-RW drives. I thought, “Ohhh one would look nice on my desk, but they will be WAY too expensive.” But I look at the price. UNBELIEVABLE! They are 15% off making them only around 11,000 Yen ($110). I bought one of those bad boys right up! Plus I got a logitec game pad, because why not?

Well bedtime for me. Kyushu tomorrow, and a lovely hot springs bath to look forward to. Ahhhhh......

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