Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Me: Beacon of the Weird

I haven’t mentioned my friendos yet, so I might as well do that now. I was walking from Family Mart back to my apartment about 3 weeks ago and sitting on the bus stop bench were two guys. They said good evening and I said it back. They seemed kind of nice so I started talking to them. But they don’t speak much English and I don’t speak any Japanese (this is a common thread in my experiences here you see). So we talk about how long it took me to get to Japan from America about 20 times. They mime airplane, I tell how long, them we sit in silence for a while, then they ask me again. I try and ask them stuff but it never works. Every time I go to leave they are like “Sit, sit” so I do and then they ask me about the airplane ride from the States again. Then they point to each other and me and say “Friendos,” so they are now my friendos! Dan was walking by and I used that opportunity to say goodbye to my friendos, but they got Dan talking. So they told Dan to tell me I should study Japanese. Then Dan and I escape. Now every time they are on the bench they talk to me. If Dan walks bye alone they ask where I am. If they see me around town they shake my hand and say hi. It isn’t that they are bad, just too nice. I am so conditioned as an American to fear the nice. I have seen this movie a thousand times and it always ends up with friendos in my apartment with knives and really big smiles... Of course the other JETs give me no end of grief for this and the "cult" I met I met and let into my apartment a while back. In the words of Flora, “How do you find these people?” They simply seem to find me, like moth to a flame they come.

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