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Casserole Wednesday

About "For All Your Rational Thought Needs"

Previous Entry Casserole Wednesday Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 07:21 pm Next Entry
It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. I have had some not so pleasant stuff going on that has distracted me from updating. But now I am hoping that updating will distract me from the not so pleasant stuff - symmetry at its finest. So instead of a whole bunch of mini-updates on various topics I am just going with one big casserole Wednesday. Everything has been thrown together:

Media Update:
Battle Royal:
Chris, Kate, Flora and I all rented and watched the Japanese movie Battle Royal. Battle Royal is a very intense movie. It is like Lord of the Flies only with guns and it is government sponsored. The plot is that in the near future children have gotten so out of control that one class from among the worst classes in Japan is taken to an island. There the students are fitted with a bomb around their necks. The bombs go off if they are in special zones, and to assure there is a single winner. They are turned loose on the island with a bag which contains basic supplies and a weapon. The weapon may be a machine gun or a frying pan. It is all luck. The students then have to fight until there is only one student left alive. That student is taken home. The premise is pretty absurd but the movie really isn’t about how this could happen, no more than Lord of the Flies is a how to guide to survive on an island. Like Lord of the Flies, Battle Royal is a rather grim look at violence and the nature of human savagery. It is actually a pretty thought provoking movie, though tough to watch at times. It shows a broad range of human responses. Some students work together to try and fight back at the creators of the system, some refuse to “play,” and some play the game with a psychotic zeal. An interesting element is that kids are most definitively children in your mind at first, then as the game progresses you “forget” they are only junior high school students. But then it is driven home again that they are just 13-15 year olds and all your emotions are churned up again. I am quite convinced that it is at least thematically based on Lord of the Flies the parallels are very strong, though Battle Royal’s ending makes Lord of the Flies’ look like a room full of sunshine and ponies, which is saying a lot.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy “Trilogy”:
Ahh what a fabulous trilogy (of five books.) I miss the silly and fabulous imagination present in Douglas Adam’s work. It is sci-fi wackiness at its finest, and it makes me think I should start carrying around a towel – just in case. Everything in his work is done with such an irreverent greatness. One of my favorite characters is the Rain God who hates rain. He also doesn’t know he is a rain god. A verse that had me giggling at my desk was “He didn’t know he was a rain god, he just knew he hated rain. And all the clouds knew was that he was their god and they would continue to provide him their precious rain in hopes of pleasing him.” This is a brilliant series of books, read them. READ THEM! The movie is coming out soon, which I have mixed feelings about. I have heard it was written largely by Douglas Adams prior to his death, but I have also heard it cut a lot of the jokes present in the novel. The series also got less funny as it progressed so if Adams wrote it after “Mostly Harmless” (the last book) he was probably not in his prime as an author. Don’t get me wrong the entire series was brilliant but the early books were far cleverer than the later books. Based on the previews I am also not impressed with the casting. Arthur Dent looks particularly well cast, but everyone else seems to be horribly cast. There are also some rather annoying problems with consistency – such as Zaphod’s heads are side by side in the book, instead of the strange one on top of the other shown in the movie. Also Trillian is Arabian in appearance in the books. I make a more convincing Arabian woman than the person cast for the film. So, I strongly suggest reading the books and I hold off judgment of the movie, but my hopes are not high (my hopes are high for the new Batman movie and the Fantastic 4 movie)

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes:
I thought the void of entertainment that beating Tales of Symphonia left would be hard to fill, but then there came Metroid Prime 2. I am a HUGE Metroid Prime fan, and Prime 2 delivers very much big time. Everything about Prime, Prime 2 does better. The graphics engine has been improved. Samus has her trademark screw attack now. The weapons are not linear in strength, the ammo system is done well but not annoying. It is an amazing game. I beat the game but I may have to start a new game with a guide to collect all the items in the game (and thus get the “true” ending). Now here is the rant, Metroid Prime is so much better than Halo in every respect. Some people complain about the control system, but I love it. Let me go on a philosophical aside here for a moment, I love it because if I want to play a third person shooter I will load it on my PC. A controller can NEVER simulate a mouse and keyboard experience. Halo tries to do this. Prime does not. That is why Prime is better. Nintendo realizes it can’t be done so why bother? Instead Prime uses a control system that plays more like an action game than a FPS, which is fine because there is only ONE control scheme for FPS games and it isn’t a controller. Prime does not feel like a first person shooter, it feels like an action game played via first person. It is that philosophy of don’t try to be what you can never be that makes Prime great and Halo suck. Prime 2 is just amazing. I also read in the paper a few days back Nintendo is finally going to launch a wireless adapter for internet play. About time, I am looking forward to stepping into the metal boots of Samus Arin in the online world.

After Hitchhicker’s Guide I started the Chronicles of Narnia. n the past, in school, I read “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” which is actually book 2 of the series. So I have started over properly. I have only completed the first book, “The Magician’s Nephew,” and was impressed with/surprised by two things. One is the book is very funny, book two is looking to be pretty funny too. And the second thing I was amazed at is how closely the first book, which deals with Narnia’s founding, closely models the Christian creation story. I knew Lewis was a very devote and religious man, but I did not realize how much it permeated his work. Book 2 is also shaping up to barrow heavily from religious sources. Reading Lewis is leading up to reading another book I have which chronicles the letters between C. S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke about the nature of science and exploration. Clarke is very heavily pro-science and technocratic and I am very familiar with his works, but I have only read an odd thing here or there of Lewis’s work, so I was not sure of his position. I am thinking the Narnia series will fix that, and I will be able to read the Clarke/Lewis letters with deeper insight. As an aside Clarke and Lewis only met once in their long correspondence. It was at a pub in England, and Lewis brought along his good friend J. R. R. Tolkien. So at one table you had Arthur C. Clarke, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien discussing the nature of exploration, science, and god. Wow, just wow.

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
I have started to play the RPG, Paper Mario 2. It is done with typical Nintendo humor and style. The game is a lot of fun, but really hard! Expect more updates about it when I have beaten it.

School Daze and Food Craze
School has started anew. To my utter sadness two teachers that I really enjoyed have been culled. Every teacher in Japanese schools is given a number of years (ranging from 4~9) prior to entering a new school. When that time is up, they are shuffled to a new school. The idea behind the system is that by constantly rotating teachers no one school becomes overly dominate in anything. Also by doing so no one school acquires a unjust reputation of excellence (for my Alliance readers, read as Rockhill) while other school acquire a unjust reputation of horrors (read as Liberty – as a further aside Liberty Elementary School was far superior to Rockhill and I feel statistical analysis of my graduating class would verify my claims.) This system also fosters a community among teachers and staff because at the end of any given year you may be transferred to another school. The downside is that a cool science teacher that I really enjoy was shipped away to another school. An art teacher that I thought was also cool has decided to move to Tokyo and so she is leaving too. The flip side is we have a new school nurse and she spent a year in Romania, can speak English, Romanian, and Japanese and is really cool. I also have another new teacher that speaks English exceptionally well and is a lot of fun to talk to.

To welcome the new teachers and see the old off we had an enkai (party). It was at the Osaka Hilton and was really fancy. I didn’t know it would be fancy and dressed in normal clothes (like all our previous enkais) and everyone else dressed up. I felt a little silly, considering I am better dressed than most at work, but the staff at fair Tanigawa Junior High School have come to understand that I don’t typically know what the heck is going on and not to be concerned. It wasn’t a big deal no one said anything to me or anything, I just felt a bit silly. The meal was quite impressive. We had three appetizers: cold cut roast beef wrapped around various herbs and plant things, sashimi (raw fish) with a delightful mustard sauce, and pork cooked and then cooled. It was all very good. Next, we had a cooked fish dish (though it would have been better raw) there were also vegetables with it that the people at my table made me eat. They know I don’t like vegetables (like so much I do, it is a bit of a school joke) so they peer pressured me into eating some lettuce like thing with cries of, “Let’s Try!” Next, we had a very green soup that tasted like potatoes and was very good. After that, we had steak – rare. Tasting a steak again was simply heaven. I am not a big steak fan, on the whole, but this was good steak, and it had been a long time since I had eaten one – making it all the better. I wish it had been cooked more, but who cares it was delicious! The meal ended with a cake with strawberries backed in and a really good vanilla cream sauce on top. I am not a cake person, but it was very good.

Speaking of food, Dan, Anna, Flora, and I ate at a really good sushi place in town. It had several really awesome fish tanks set up, expect pictures on flickr soon. This was a really amazing sushi place and it wasn’t too expensive. I had tuna (duh!) and salmon. The pieces of fish were huge and very fresh. That was some good sushi, and a new place I can take people that come and visit me (hint, hint)

Back to school maters, I am yet to work with the second and third graders, which makes me sad. I miss the old kids, but I am getting to know many new ones. The first graders are all barely civilized – I love them. The only English many of them know is my name so walking down the hall it is a chorus of “An-do-ru!” and high fives. They are funny. My cult seems to grow daily. It is a bit embarrassing to be so well liked and received, but it is also nice to know that if the students ever have a bloody rebellion I will not only be spared but my cult will probably elevate me to leader.

Opening ceremony for school was really formal and intense. The first graders came with their parents and were assigned their classes then they went to their classrooms. The parents came with them and watched as they got all their text books, found their seat, etc. Parents took pictures of the kids while they wrote their name in the text, many parents cried. Outside of the school venders sold extra school uniforms and the official bag of Tanigawa Junior High School. I bought one of the bags, and my faculty laughed at me. I tried to explain that it would make a great keep sake and “it is a nice bag!” but they didn’t get it. The kids thought it was cool that I bought one though, so at least they understand me. Then at the first day of actual school there was an intra-school ceremony and a representative from each grade welcomed the first graders to Tanigawa. They were taught the school song (which I don’t know and mercifully do not need to learn) and presented with flowers for their classrooms. Like witnessing graduation, I feel lucky to have seen such a unique cultural experience.

My parents, my grandparents, and Katie are the greatest!
They sent me packages with Easter candy and other super great stuff. Hurray for the US and Japanese mail! If you would like to be mentioned on this blog, which literally receives dozens and dozens of views per year, thus assuring your assent to super-stardom, send me something cool in the mail or come see me.

Golden Week
Coming up in about 2 weeks is Golden Week. It is a great collection of holidays on Friday 29th there is Green Day, then Tuesday 3rd is Constitution Day, the 4th is National Holiday, and the 5th is Children’s Day. All are holidays I have off. I am taking two vacation days on the 2nd and 6th to give me a 10 day vacation. Very recently I looked into going back to the States for 5 or so days, but I started looking way to late and I just can’t swing $2,000 to come home for such a short time. So I am going to do some travel in Japan. I am thinking I will take the shinkansen (新幹線 – bullet train) to Kyushu island. There I can do some interesting stuff, then while taking the train back I can see Hiroshima, Himaji (with it’s amazing castle), and Kobe (a city completely destroyed in a 1995 earthquake, now rebuilt in a European style) and then wind up back at Osaka. That is the plan right now. I don’t really have an itinerary set in stone. I am going to be taking it easy during Golden Week and looking around at my options.

“Spring is here! Spring is here! Life is Skittles and life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring, don’t you? ‘Course you do.” Tom Lehrer
Yes Spring has sprung. In Ohio the clocks have been changed, but Japan does not believe in daylight savings time so now instead of there being a 14 hour difference there is only an 13 hour difference. Which is much more convenient for talking to people state side, so I should call more people, or they should call me, or we should call each other (but not at the same time).
So I should mention the weather. It is nice. It is really nice. It is in the high 60’s low 70’s everyday. The sun is a little oppressively hot for my preferences, but outside is so pleasant. What a great time of the year. But the sakura blossoms have all fallen off so that is causing me sadness. But they will come again.

Working hard at hardly Working
I am teaching again which is really nice. But I still have time to kill at work. So I lugged my Classical Dynamics book into school and am reading and working my way through it. It is slow going, because I am trying to do it right and am not always in the mood to get owned by physics, but I am going. I am also reading a really good book “The Bottomless Well” about how we are never going to run out of Energy – ever. Why using more oil is better for energy, why efficiency just makes us use more oil, and a whole lot of other counter intuitive things. I have to be in the right mood to read it because it is written like a physics article and I have to have my “thermodynamics thinking cap on” but thus far it has been an interesting text.

I guess that about wraps up everything I feel like sending out for general consumption. Expect some fickr updates in the future.
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Date:April 20th, 2005 05:49 pm (UTC)
Let me go on a philosophical aside here for a moment, I love it because if I want to play a third person shooter I will load it on my PC. A controller can NEVER simulate a mouse and keyboard experience. Halo tries to do this. Prime does not. That is why Prime is better.

MP and Halo are FIRST person shooters. :) Through the eyes of the protagonist. 3rd person is when you can see you character.

While I agree with you that mouse/keyb setup cannot be beaten, I think you are hard on Halo for 2 reasons:
1) You just plain don't like it
2) You've never been really good at FPS games on consoles.

#2 is not me being a jerk, it's just stating a fact. Recently I've become really tired of "elitist" keyb/mouse comments. Yes, it is the opimal setup. But a controller is not worse, it's just different. You've never really gotten all the facts on a situation before you start talking; you like what you like and nothing will change that.

All that I'm asking is that you declare your opinions as such: they are your opinions. If I want to play a game, I'm not going to skip it because it's on a console rather than a PC. I can circle-strafe and kick as much butt with a controller as I can with a mouse/keyb.

Also, Metroid Prime has a decent control scheme, but it was never meant for competitive play. The Gamecube controller is not good for FPS games, and Miyamoto has been officially quoted on this several times. MP is not a standard FPS, just as Zelda is not an "RPG." It's an action/adventure RPG.

I'm not saying these things to argue with you. :P I'm just stating my opinion to have a debate with you. You've ALWAYS been against consoles, excluding Nintendo, which you are unequivocally fanboyish about.

In related news: I really need to get Paper Mario: 1k Year Door!!!!!
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Date:April 21st, 2005 08:47 am (UTC)
I can be elitist for a simple and obvious reason, I am right. 

Here are the facts, as I see them:

Why the Keyboard/Mouse is better can be broken down into two categories:

1 Versatility of use: The keyboard provides a much more versatile platform than the gamepad. Assuming the standard “wasd” movement, “shift” run/walk toggle, “left ctrl” crouch, one can still easily reach 16 keys (q, e-t, f-g, z-b, 1-5) that can be assigned as one wishes with more if you are willing to make the occasional uncomfortable stretch to “h” or “n” or “y” etc. If you would be so kind as to show me the 16 button controller I would be surprised. That extra freedom translates into a more personalized game. Your, virtually unplayable to me, Diablo II setup fits your needs perfectly, but could NEVER be duplicated by a controller.
2 Versatility of form: There is a far greater selection of keyboard/mouse styles available to the PC gamer than there are makes of controllers. There is usually the standard proprietary component and then a few secondary companies (Mad Katz for example), but it simply cannot compare to the availability of mice/keyboards. This translates into the fact that you may very well find a controller you do not like and are stuck with it, but it is very unlikely you could not find a comfortable mouse/keyboard.
3 Versatility of function: the optical mouse - which it is safe to say is now the standard that most pc owners have - is at least an order of magnitude more accurate than an analog stick – even if it is a brand new controller. The optical mouse and keyboard wear out at a much slower pace than controller (I submit my old Smash Brother’s controllers as evidence). In the world of FPS accuracy matters. There is, though, something to be said about everyone having the same hardware (ie everyone has an X-box controller) but I would rather have a more accurate input device than knowledge that “everyone is on the same level field”
4 I would argue, though this is my weakest point, that the learning curve for a mouse/keyboard is not as sharp as for a controller FPS. If you have used a word processor I think you can rather quickly pick up the key/mouse setup. Learning a controller first person shooter interface is tricky and often based on the game you are playing, which you have said yourself when we rented Duke 64. I like the more “pick up and go” style that most computer FPS provide. Though the PC FPS being more pick up and go than the console is just my sense.
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Date:April 21st, 2005 08:47 am (UTC)

1 I would expect someone like you to understand what I am about to say. First person shooters were CREATED for the computer. As a person that OWNS a Dreamcast with every Super Nintendo Rom available, why do you go out and buy the cartage? Why would a self styled “gamer of every console” waste money on getting a game twice when he could put that money towards another different (unowned) game on another system? The logical thing to do, if you were TRULY living the gamer lifestyle, would be to never buy the same game twice but, instead, constantly buy new and different games. Yet you go out and buy SNES/Genesis games when you own the roms? Why? Because the Dreamcast can simulate the experience of playing a NES game, but it isn’t really “playing” the NES game. You do not have the square controller, the blowing into the cartage, the beautiful red glow of the LED on the grey monster system itself. These are illogical connections but they add up and make you say “I truly am PLAYING an NES game.” An experience that no Dreamcast (or PC) emulator can give you. Just as you cannot play a NES rom on the Dreamcast/PC and get the same complete feeling as if you were playing it on the actual NES, I cannot get that feeling from FPS on consoles. I also cannot get that feeling from action games on the PC. My Alienware machine can easily emulate the N64 but I would not want to play Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time on it, because it wouldn’t feel right.
2 Your claim that the keyboard/mouse is not better but is just different is ridiculous. And we both know you don’t really mean it. We both know that because of two simple examples; Starcraft 64 and Diablo PS1. If you honestly felt, as you claim, that the controller scheme is not inferior to the mouse/keyboard you would then HAVE to admit that playing an RTS on a console is not “worse” but “just different than playing it on the computer.” And don’t give me that, “You can’t play an RTS on the console” crap because that is NO different than me simply responding to your arguments, “You can’t play an FPS on a console because you can’t.”

As for why I like Prime and not Halo, perhaps you were not good enough at Prime to notice that if you hit the “x” button Samus goes into the morph ball, which is in 3rd person. Perhaps you were not good enough at Prime to then know that the vast majority of puzzles were solved via third person. Prime 2 expands this with the third person screw jump and several third person boss and enemy battles. In doing so Prime plays much more like an Action game than a FPS, but, again, you would know this if you were better at Prime and played it more. I have probably played more Halo than you have Civilization II, but you don’t like Civilization II and I don’t like Halo. Part of the reason I don’t like Halo is because I think the game itself is pretty mediocre, but part of it too is that it FPS don’t feel right on the console. I felt the same way about Goldeneye, Duke 64, etc etc. Those games never got p1mped out as much as Halo, so, of course, it is the game I tend to compare things too. Every X-Box fan boy on this planet compares everything to Halo, so I will do the same if for no other reason than name recognition (and the game blows).

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Date:April 21st, 2005 08:47 am (UTC)
The point of that is two fold, one is, Prime legitimately plays more like an action game than Halo – which is a good thing. And two, suggesting that just because I am not good at console shooters means I don’t like them is pretty preposterous. I play many games that I am not particularly good at. I have never gotten a knack for fighting games (smash bros aside), but I still enjoy them. Truth be told I am not particularly good at FPS on the computer either – I am skilled enough to utterly crush Jeff and you at our yearly New Year’s eve parties, but that hardly takes skill – yet I love FPS. My dislike of console FPS goes deeper than the rather childish “I can’t win!” Just as I would hope your dislike of Warcraft III and Civilization II go deeper than you are not very good at them.

I realize that my beliefs are just that, my beliefs. And I know you find it annoying that I just throw stuff out there sometimes, but I have two things to respond to that. One is I don’t like hedging from a rhetorical standpoint. There is way too much of “In my opinion…” “I think…” etc. it weakens the discourse, and I don’t like it. If I didn’t think something I wouldn’t be saying it. And two is, this is my blog for crying out loud. If I am going to try and minimize my hedging in normal speech why on earth would I hedge in my own forum? I know they are just my opinions, you know they are just my opinions, and hopefully people reading this are smart enough to know they are just my opinions: that should be enough. If people think there has been some natural law that has conclusively proven that Prime 2 is better than Halo 2, let them think that!

Third I am not against consoles. I have been poor in the past (not having a job will do that to you) and so I have had to use my limited resources wisely. If I only had so much money it makes no sense to buy a PS2 over a computer. I have always been about what I consider to be the strongest gaming platforms. The computer is the strongest gaming platform for a variety of reasons, which you have agreed with in the past. The Gamecube is the second best by my measure. If I could only have one gaming platform it would be the PC – hands down. If I could have two, they would be the PC and GC. Just as if you could only have 1 or 2 systems you would have your top two picks. Now that I have a job and can afford to spend a little more, I would buy a PS2. Unfortunately Japan runs on a different region and it would be a pain to deal with that, but when I am stateside next time maybe I will pick one up and lug it back here.

And Paper Mario 2 is the bomb diggy there is some truely hilarious stuff that goes on, plus it is uber charming
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Date:April 21st, 2005 01:01 pm (UTC)
I actually understand your POV and feel better in general after reading your breakdown. (Not "breakdown" as in losing control, but breakdown as in the layout of your argument.) It had always seemed to me that you were "console FPS gamez SuXorZZ!!!1!11!" whereas here you laid out your opinion for me. That's why I asked you to state this as "your opinion" instead of (what I perceived to be) fanboyism. I gotcha, and I'm on the same page. :)

The problem I've always had with you bashing controllers in FPS games is that I never thought you'd given it a fair chance. In all honesty, I'm with you, and (as you know) I always have been: keyb/mouse is a better setup. Period. In fact, I'm willing to be it's the optimal setup for all FPS/RTS* games, and almost any gaming genre you're into. Of course there are games I prefer controllers to, such as 3rd person games. I'd never play Zelda, Mario, or Metroid with a keyb/mouse for example.

It has just always seemed to me that you bash anything you do not like. I have rarely seen the objectivity in the bashing that I did in reading your argument here. Whenever Halo comes up in any conversation, you immediately lose all self-control and start gulping the hatorade. =)

I'd like to take this time to say that I DO NOT dislike War3 or CivII/III!!! :( I really like War3, but my preference has always been (and always will be) StarCraft. And as for Civ, I'm just not into turn-based games. I like Civ, I'm just not into the genre. Much like flight sims.

I was/am good at Metroid Prime, I just didn't really like the control scheme, but I did at the same time. It was fine for a leisurely pace, but when I move in first-person perspective, I'm so used to moving in a crescent pattern when I move instead of turning, that it got annoying. I had to walk forward, turn, then walk again, instead of "crescent-ing" around. And while I could move just fine in morph ball mode, I didn't feel I should have to turn into the ball just to move, you know?

As for being a "pure gamer," yeah, I know I've done some silly things at many points. ;) While I do buy new and exciting games quite often, I have replaced far too many games far too many times! It has more to do with spending money than anything... you know... sane and rational. Can't defend it!! (Presently we're speaking on AOL, and I've explained it to you. The "experience as much as possible with collatoral damage" thing.)

As for playing ROMs over cartridges, I'm glad you see my POV. I love having the ROMs for certain systems. For example, on Dreamcast I have every NES game ever made. But there definitely is something to owning a game, especially when you collect as well as play. (REMEMBER THE PICTURE!!) Sometime last summer I actually threw away ALL of my burnt games for PC and PS1. The only system I have burnt media for is my Dreamcast, b/c the rarer games are hard to find and the system is deceased.

So there we go! :) All cleared up, I think.
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Date:April 22nd, 2005 11:36 pm (UTC)


I think I might be able to say I pwn you all in emulation.

As the proud owner of anything cartridge based up to and including most GBA games. I still would much, much rather play the console. In fact, I spent fairly large sums of money (for one so poor as myself) on finding and collecting the "classic" games. I turned one room into a video game entertainment center simply becuase there is *NOTHING* like having a buncha guys in the same room all on the classic consoles.

I think it's the same thing as the LAN > Playing on the net thing. *shrug* Of course, I've always considered myself more of a console gamer.
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Date:April 23rd, 2005 02:58 am (UTC)

Re: Emulation

Yes within the last year, two of my friends had the most heated game of NES's "Ice Hockey" I have ever seen. I thought it would come to blows at any moment...
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Date:April 24th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)

Re: Emulation

Speaking of coming to blows, I think you should update your blog on what Baraka Laurence Pennyworth III would think about The Moto Racer Incident. :) THAT is classic.
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Date:April 20th, 2005 05:55 pm (UTC)

Comments on literature

Technically, Narnia was Written Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, A Horse and his Boy, The Magician's Nephew and The Last battle. That is the order I believe they should be read. However when they were reprinted, someone decided to renumber them in chronologicaltimeline order. Whichbothers me heavily.

Second. I wouldprobably sell my soul to have listened on those three talking. They were members of the Inklings too, which I would quite have enjoyed joining.

Yes, Metriod is freaking awesome. Samus is damn close to my ideal girl, and heavily inspired some of my early writings and game designs. Throw in Megaman X and you have a good 80% of my early inspirations.

I'd like to read the physics books your reading. The Bottomless Well. When I get to San Diego, I'm hoping to get a job in a bookstore, and heavily abuse my discount. *fingers crossed* Failing that,work in a video game store and do the same thing.
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Date:April 21st, 2005 08:50 am (UTC)

Re: Comments on literature

I didn't realize Lewis wrote them in that order, perhaps I will make a great shift in my pattern.

The Bottomless Well is really good, it talks a bit about policy (pro-libertarian) stuff, that it doesn't really always back up with facts. So if you read it as a physics book with some politcal asides, rather than the other way around, it makes for a much better book
Date:April 26th, 2005 02:00 am (UTC)

Re: Comments on literature

I, too, strongly recommend reading Narnia in their original order (starting with Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe). Publishers reordered the things after some equivocal comment by Lewis late in life, and it's a horrible decision. The original order of the books (not the chronological order within the world) allows the story to unfold in a much more rewarding fashion, whereas the current publishing order gives away all the little interesting details before you ever even get the chance to be intrigued by them.

-Eric in Hanamaki
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Date:April 24th, 2005 08:21 pm (UTC)

two things

first of all, this is the dorkiest debate ever.
second of all, for god sakes, you've got to start calling the thing by it's real name: Metroid double-prime. Like those three movies with Keanu Reeves, the Matrices. Metroid"
(Add a corollary)
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