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Alpha Centuri & Reflections on Global Domination

I installed Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri and its expansion Alien Crossfire this evening circa 7:00. I “one more turn”ed my way to 12:30 and the global domination victory scenario. It is very dangerous for me to play Sid Meier’s turn based games like Civilization and Alpha Centuri, for that very reason. As I was playing the game and thinking, “one more turn then I will be social and go see my friends…” I started to muse on what I would do if I actually did take over the world. I must say that first on the agenda is implementing the 2 day work week. That is how many days I worked this week, and it seemed about right. Maybe 3 days, but that is iffy. That is really as far as my thinking got because the “Cult of Planet” did something minor which I found annoying so I was forced to mercilessly crush them as they begged for me to spare them. I would like to say if I took over the world I would be a kind ruler, but after playing so many games of Civ and Alpha Centuri - where I start out trying to win nobly and then say “Screw it” and start building nuclear weapons – I think I would probably rule with an iron first. So, all-in-all, I guess it is a good thing my global domination fixation ended in Middle/High School.

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