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Behold my stupid stupidness in my tale of stupidacity

So today I went to Hiroshima. I went around 2-3 in the afternoon. It takes about 2-2.5 hours to get to Hiroshima by shinkansen. I get to Hiroshima and wonder around looking for my hotel, I get completely lost and finally just grab a taxi. I get to the hotel and message my friend Flora because she is my emergency contact with the Board of Education. Flora reminds me we have school tomorrow. I laugh and then look in my planner. In much harsher language that I am too embarrassed to type, I think “Ohh bother. This is a real shame. I am a silly fool. What a terrible incontinence to me. To think I spent the amount of money that I did to get down here and not see anything. Silly, silly Andrew. Gosh darn it. Oh well, such is life.” I find out I do have school tomorrow, so I went back to my hotel counter and told them I had an emergencies and had to leave. They refunded 2/3 of my money (which was unexpected and great). It is now 6:30 and I don’t have a lot of time to spare, so I get a taxi back to the station (more money spent) and I get a shinkansen ticket home post haste (another large chunk of money gone!) At this point I was thinking of myself as one of those brilliant mathematicians that you read about that can do complex analysis like it was basic arithmetic, but don’t have enough common sense to be able to operate a toaster oven without burning the house down. I felt JUST like that, only without the part about being a brilliant mathematician. So I had a nice 2.5 hour train ride to think about what an IDIOT I am. When I got back to Suminodo (about 9:30 having seen NOTHING in Hiroshima) I got a train ICOCA rail pass. You just have to lay the ICOCA card on a sensor (it will read it through your wallet - THROUGH YOUR WALLET!) the card keeps a balance on it, and you can add more money on it at any time. It saves time and you don’t have to buy a paper ticket. The card is cool and convenient. I have wanted one for a while. After my stupid trip of ignorance I HAD to get it, because by God I refused to make this a stupid WASTED trip of ignorance.

My official story is I blame the fact that I am without a watch at this time. I use to be better with dates because I would put them into my watch and have my watch remind me of the minor fact that I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW! So my new watch is coming, and thus I will have a brain once more. But until my new watch arrives I am going to avoid using my toaster oven...

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