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That`s funny this looks like a bill...

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Previous Entry That`s funny this looks like a bill... Mar. 20th, 2005 @ 05:57 pm Next Entry
It turns out that if you don`t pay your bill in 4 months they turn your internet off. See my internet bill was suppose to automatically get withdrawn from my acocunt but it hasn`t been, for about 4 months. So they shut me off. I looked very hard and translated some of what they had been sending me, what I assumed was a recite, and discovered it was a bill. I payed it Saturday (they cut me off Friday) but alas I am yet to get back online. I am at an internet cafe emailing cool people, and providing the rest of you peons with a Live Journal update. :)

So I don`t know when your humble narrator and only friend will be back online. But I shall return, shortly! I will get this sorted out...
Mood Data: grumpygrumpy but resolute
Musical Data Set: Right Now by SR-71 (playing at the cafe)
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