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Strange Parallel Universe

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Previous Entry Strange Parallel Universe Mar. 11th, 2005 @ 07:43 am Next Entry
It is like I am in a strange parallel universe this week. My third grade students (san-nensei) are graduating Saturday, which means I have to go to work Saturday. But, as compensation, I get Monday off. And that is the problem. In the normal universe Friday and Saturday are two of the best days of the week, but in this strange parallel universe they are not so great. In the normal universe Monday typically sucks, but in this universe it is cool. Being a physics major I have had my fair share of things that "only make sense on paper - mathematically," but this almost seems too much! It isn't that much of a change, but it boggles my mind. Today is Friday I should be done with the week, but... tomorrow... Saturday... work... Huh?
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