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More Fruits of my Labors to Happy me

Being that I have been down as of late, I decided to pick some fruit. I needed some happying. So I busted out some of my students' work. They cheer me up, I hope they cheer you up too (if you need it) So as they would say here, "Let's enjoy."

“I like Kazuki-saya love x2 I want to kiss”

“It is important for us to help old people. Let’s help them!!”

“It is important for earth. Because earth is dirty.”

“Why math two teachers? Why not lunch? Why not have manga? Why not have money?”

“School Rules is must there. This is a better rules. There are School Rules since long ago. Why are there? Because good is it.”

“He was late for party yesterday. He looked at his wife a smile. The party is still going on. My mother went out one hour ago. She went to the party to take pictures. He put his shoes on. He is runaway. We need school rules.”

“My food is Andrew. You are very good!!”

Make a sentence using a form of “be interested in…
S: “I am interested in Andrew!”

“In my school me don’t touch.”

“When Maya heard this school rules we said ‘Let’s fight against this school rules.’”

“School rules is severe. I want to do freedom.”

“We are don’t inconvenience.”

“We are must deal with things important.”

“Let’s volunteering!”

“I play volunteering.”

“You like car? Of course!!”

“I am interested in Andrew’s body. Oh, nice body. Oh, cool body.”

“I am interested in people all over the world to died because I died so. And I live again because I am God so.”

And more “scripture” from my divine student:
“My name is not say because God so. What are you name? And who am I. And I playing soccer now because I am God so. And you are my employee so.”

“Mr. Okumura’s charming point is glasses.”

”I am interested in glasses.”

“I am interested in mayonnaise. Because mayonnaise is the best delicious.”

“I think I want to use magic.”

“It enjoys me.”

“I am interested in making snacks.”

“I am Volunteer Man because I’m very kind. I am the best kind in all over the world. end.”

“One day I was going for a walk because I had freetime. And I saw a tree which has a lot of apples and animals. Then I was interested in watching trees. They are very beautiful and mysterious. I want to grow many trees and save them some day.”

“I don’t like eat the tomato. Because it is not delicious.”

S: Do you wear glasses bath?
Me: No, I don’t wear them when I take a bath.
S: Do you wear glasses when sleep?
Me: No, not when I sleep.
S: Do you wear glasses when use toilet?
Me: What? Yes!

“I have used pencil in everday. I have not used pen in never.”

“They are my best treasures.”

A fictitious conversation created by one of my students:
S: My name is Tomita
A: What are your name?
S: I’m glad to meet you. Are you free tomorrow?
A: Yes, but why?
S: I got two tickets for the baseball game at the Kosien. Can you come?
A: Sure.
S: Great! Let’s meet at the station at four.
A: Yes, let’s.
S: By the way what are you doing now?
A: I’m talking with you on the phone.”

“My respect teacher is Andrew. He is very nice guy. The end.”

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