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“I hate small towns because once you’ve seen the cannon in the park there’s nothing else to do.”

Sorry for my lack of Quatage updates. I have been sloppy because...

Dave and Eric came down for the weekend. They are not as pretty as my last guest, but I was glad to host them none the less! Although, I thought it was NEXT weekend that they were coming. This lead to a hilarious moment where Eric spent an hour and a half at Suminodo Station not knowing were to go. Let’s enjoy laughing at Eric. Now, let’s enjoy pointing the “you are stupid” finger at Andrew for not realizing what weekend it is or reading emails properly.

We had a lot of fun. We mostly played hours and hours of Smash Brothers. The results were typical of the way they were at college. Dave and Eric would battle it out with Dave winning. While I would try and ruin every killing blow each person worked so hard and diligently to get. When you are the weakest player there is no such thing as honor. When you are the weakest player, you aim for two things: cheap kills (roaching) and “moral victories.” I had plenty of both. But Dave managed to show that he still has “it.” But Eric gave him a serious run for his money and there were many many times when it could have went either way. Other than playing Smash Brothers until 4am nightly, we soaked up the big city. Both Dave and Eric are from out in the sticks so they were happy to be in a place with things like indoor plumbing and the wheel. We went out with my friends to the Indian curry place of love. I discovered that Indian curry, while delicious, makes me ill. Nepalese curry does the same thing. Which sucks because I am a curry fan! Anyway, it is called the Indian curry place of Love because one of Dan’s friends ate there with her boyfriend. And now they are married! She says it was all the pumpkin curry. So that is what I had. Flora did as well, announcing that she couldn’t wait to fall in love with me and Kate (that is to say Daito Kate not to be confused with the equally fall in lovable Oberlin Katie) So, it would seem that Flora will now be in love with Kate and me. Eric also had the pumpkin curry so he will be falling in love with someone or some people as well. The safest bet is we are all going to fall in love with each other with comedic hilarity ensuing!

The first night Dave, Eric, and I didn’t go down to Chris and Flora’s flat party so they TP’ed my apartment. Jerks. Today the Oberlin Trio went to the Aquarium. Dave had very little time before he had to catch his Thunderbird Express home, so we spent most of our time looking at the whale shark, because he is cool. After that Dave left and Eric came back to my room for a bit. We talked and before you know it, it was time for Eric to head for Kyoto and continue his vacation.

My apartment is quite again. But their visit made me remember how much I miss college. But I don’t really miss college so much as I miss having that collection of people that I knew at college around and easily accessible. I miss those last two years when I got to know some really amazing people. I miss having them close by. I miss college so much. This just painfully drove home the point that I miss the people I went to school with. I miss being around people that are paid to be as smart as they possibly can be. I miss a liberal campus with a good heart. I miss Oberlin. I am happy here, but my years of college were filled with so many really crappy external factors that I feel like I lost out on a lot of the “college experience.” Though I don’t know what that means exactly. I just wish I knew that Laurence lived down stairs. Fleur was one building North. Dave was one floor above. Katie lived in the sticks, but don’t worry she is always stopping bye. Rhea was constantly in Dave’s room. Eric lived in the same room forever. I could walk to see any of them whenever. And best of all we were still moving more or less together as a unit. We had common goals and experiences. We were not this fragmented jumble of pieces and parts. We shared a common area, and what better common area than Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio? I know I am just being nostalgic and forgetting about the fact that I would be doing 20+ hours a week of physics, but having Dave and Eric here just got me looking back more than I often do, and right now I miss it so much.

Well this entry started off nice and happy and ended crappy. Ohh well, deal with it. Bed time.

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