Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I'm Cute, I'm Entertained, I'm Dumb

Today was my first day of work. It was a mix of terror and boredom. The terror was provided bright and early. I knew it was coming but it was still scary, I had to introduce myself in Japanese. So I carefully looked through books and found the needed form and vocabulary. I was nervous and no doubt butchered some words but I think it was at least understandable! Then I had to introduce myself to the student body in the gym. That went well, I could do that in English. Throughout the day a few students came in and spoke with me. They were funny. One guy said I had a cute voice and he liked it. Another girl said I was cute. She asked my age (a common question here) she said 22 was very young. I think "cute" was a vocabulary word and they are using it in place of something else, that is what I am telling myself at least. I don't like to think of myself having a cute voice in the ears of 14 year old boys. The day was also pretty boring because I had little to do, but stayed the whole day. In fact I got confused and stayed an hour over the time that I am required to stay (doh) Luckily I had H.L. Mencken to keep my company and a few random tasks that didn't involve my computer to complete!

Entertainment Update
I finished the first season of Angel. It was really great. I had some disappointments. I was really sad to see Doyle go so early in the series. Also Angel at times seems too tortured. I realize he is that type of character, but it seems like after some of the stuff that happened in the first season, how can it get much worse for him? It just feels like some things happened too fast and too hard right out of the gate. I do like that the writers show that he is super human, but no Slayer. The fact that Angel frequently gets stabbed, shot, ran through, and takes pretty heavy damage, where Buffy gets beat up but never as bad, just goes to show how much better the Slayer is. The first season ended well and I starting the second soon.
I also beat Megaman Collection Series while I was internet-less. It was really great. Even though MM3 is probably the best I enjoyed MM2 the most. I had a nonstop smile on my face from start to finish. The music was perfect, the bosses are probably the most memorable in the series, the weapons were fresh. It was just a great job. If only some of the other MM elements had been present (sliding, Rush, Megabuster) and it would have been perfect.

Corrections Retractions and Apologies:
Well I made a mistake in my last post. I stated that Kyushu can be seen from Osaka on a clear day, I was wrong. I was thinking of Shikoku by mistake. Kyushu is a decent distance away from Osaka and the Kinki region of Japan. I got the islands of Shikoku and Kyushu mixed up. Shikoku is the fourth largest island. It sits kind of under Honshu and to the East of Kyushu. I believe you can see Shikoku from Osaka on a clear day.

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