Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Miso Hungry!

I haven’t done an obligatory food entry in a while so I will rectify this now.

Let’s start with miso soup. It is fermented soy beans. Sounds horrid, I realize. But I am currently addicted to miso soup! I love light miso, meaning there is not a lot in it. You can get it with tofu and various “stuff” in the soup but I just like the broth, maybe throw some seaweed in it, but I like it just plain. I drink the soup everyday at lunch. Lunch does not feel done until I have had my miso. I need to start making it in bulk at home. Japanese broths are amazing. Eric told me that you do not, traditionally, have a drink in Japan when eating, so your soup is your drink. So all the broth is really hearty and taste-o-rific! Miso is one such soup.

From McDonald’s I had a hamburger with an egg on it. It was a cooked egg, like they put on the McMuffin. I was hoping it would be a sausage egg McMuffin (YUM!) but it wasn’t. Needless to say, it was pretty darn good. I am not ready for the raw egg on an egg that you will see form time to time. But I will say that I am pleased with my egg on burger experience thus far.

Dan told me what a dish that I have been loving for a long time is called, soboro. Soboro is rice, with very finely shredded egg, and a really strangely spiced finely ground beef. It is delicious. Dan told me about a bento (box lunch) place is next to our house that sells soboro bentos. I had it for dinner last night and lunch today, and I am thinking about walking over there now for dinner.

While Katie was here we went to a proper tea shop and bought proper tea leaves. I got a half kilo or so of first picked green tea leaves. It is amazing. It is on a level of amazing that transcends regular amazing. This tea is to amazing what amazing is to normal. I love to drink it. You take a mere sip and you can feel its warmth swim through your body and bring calm in mighty waves. Good green tea is a miraculous thing.

In really old news I tried Apple Fanta and must say that stuff is the bomb. I am not a carbonated beverage fan, per say, but Apple soda is good. Regrettably Apple Fanta was a seasonal item is no more. It was replaced by Melon Fanta and I hate melon soda!

Also a delicious seasonal item that is now gone is the Subway Cream Cheese and Beef sandwich. Yeah you read that right BEEF AND CREAM CHEESE. It is 24 cm of heaven right there. Many a time I grabbed a sub from the Pop Town subway (no veggies but with great honey mustard sauce) came back to the room and watched some freshly imported Daily Show. “Bifu ando Kurimu Chizu Sandowichi” you will be missed, but never forgotten.

It turns out I like eel. Weird. I thought I hated it, and I do – raw. But cooked eel is pretty darn good. It has a smooth taste not as strong as fish. The texture is also really loose, it just falls apart in your mouth. Like certain fishes properly prepared, but eel more so. Cooked eel has a great tasture – a word I penned a while back to describe both taste and texture. Feel free to throw “tasture” about at dinner parties and stuff, I am giving it away for free.

That pretty much wraps up my food entry for now. I will keep everyone updated if anything strange and potentially horrible ends up in my mouth in the near future.

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