Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Tales of Symphonia

I just finished the game Tales of Symphonia for the gamecube and I must say not since Chrono Trigger have I enjoyed a party based RPG as much. Tales was flatly an amazing game. Tales is done in a gorgeous anime style with bright colors and cool costumes. The spell and attack effects are amazing. The battle system is very unique. It is in real-time, and you control one character with the other three in your party being controlled by the computer (or other people). The result is fast paced and wildly fun battles. The characters are very well done and the game relies heavily on “scenes” that are optional but sometimes funny, sometimes informative, and always worth while. They pop up from time to time, all you have to do is hit Z to watch or ignore them. It is a great way to flush out plot without making those people who don’t care about plot sit through it. The story takes several major twists and turns but still stays coherent. There were some major twists I never saw coming. Even the more obvious twists (such as the main character does not know who his biological father is and there just so happens to be a mysterious member of the party…) were done with such style and humor that one can’t help but love every moment of it. The game was also very funny. My favorite character Zelos is hilarious and is always talking about “His hunnies.” I wish some of the romance aspects of the story were a little more flushed out, as it seemed several characters were going to fall in love, but the game kind of ended and it seemed that love had failed. One really amazing thing about the game is the fluid shifts between good and evil. There is not a truly evil villain in the game – his dream is screwed up, but the villain is not evil. Also many enemies become allies as the game progresses and some shift back to enemies by games end. It adds a complex moral system to an already diverse world. It was very enjoyable to play. Tales adds up to a great game, great story, great design, great execution, great game. Tales of Symphonia is a must have for any of you Gamecube owners out there. Though I am now very very sad it is over...

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