Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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The Yellow Shoes of Shame

I am currently wearing the metaphorical yellow shoes of shame. As part of the school uniform each grade has a color trim on the shoe associated with that grade. First years' (for my American friends 7th graders') are blue, second year students' (8th graders') are red, and third years' (9th graders) are green. But if you loose your shoes you have to buy a new pair from the school and the school only sells yellow trimmed shoes, so they really stand out. I think of them as the yellow shoes of shame. Alas, I am now wearing my own yellow shoes of shame. My watch battery was dieing and being a physics major I thought, “Being able to think my way through this will make up for any lack of skill.” I opened my watch up to find a rather cryptic message about needing to short a circuit out in order to reset the system. My watch is pretty impressive storage because I could upload a lot into it from my computer. I took the battery out, threw a new one in, looked at the circuit, convinced myself how I needed to short it out, and then got down to the actual shorting. To my horror the watch is now dead. I have tried to fiddle with it, but with no luck. It was a fine watch too. It shall be missed. These shoes don't go with my outfit...

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