Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Going Soft?

So my friends from Ohio are reporting that it is cold there. In the haziness of my memory I do recall that this is the case in February, it IS cold in Ohio. But here in Osaka it is in the mid 40s to 50s every day. It is warmish and the weather is now not so bad. Then it hit me, what if I go soft? The whole great thing about being from the Midwest is it gets cold. That gives me a certain knowledge, a certain mindset. It is what makes a Midwesterner a Midwesterner! Why do I hate people from the coast? Because they are not grounded in reality! It is never cold in California. New York is the financial capitol of the world, if it got snowed in people would come get it. These little crutches keep Caly people and Yorkers from really knowing the truth that all Midwesterners know. Winter will come, it will get really really cold, and you are all alone. But now I am in a climate that snow rarely even hits ground let alone snows people in. I am walking around thinking, “I need to get some more layers on!” when it is only 50 degrees. Have I gone soft? Have I forgotten where I come from? Is it only a matter of time before I become a vapid California wanna be, with no real knowledge of how winter can come and wash it all away? I am also near Osaka, the financial capitol of Japan, if something happened people would come. Will that make me change the way I look at my self sufficiency? And where is the venom? I am not an angry person, but I think being “angry” and “mean” are funny because it isn’t really mean, all in good jest. Fleur pointed out a while ago, and it has burned ever sense, that my writings are all happy go lucky and I am at my literary best when I am suffering (thanks, I guess) so is the fact that I am not in the Midwest totally ruining my sarcastic side? Sarcasm is, of course, a staple of Midwestern humor. Am I loosing my Midwestern-ness or is it always in me? I just don’t know! Man I need to go buy a car, eat some corn, be sarcastic, and experience the swing state experience!

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