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Pot Luck Friday

Pot Luck Friday
So instead of posting a few threads I am just throwing all my news together into one uber post. So in a way it is more of a casserole Friday than a Pot Luck but I am too lazy to amend the title.

I am Champion!
Last Saturday the Daito Gang (aka Gaijin Massive) went to Tin's Hall Bar. We ate Thanksgiving dinner there in November. The reason we went was because of a JET pub/bar quiz that was taking place with proceeds going to the red cross to help the tsunami victims. I ended up on a team with Dan, and another JET from Osaka (but not Daito) named Helana. Questions were asked and each team had to write down an answer on their answer key, there were 6 rounds, points were tallied, winners declared. The rounds were: sports, science and math, history, geography, JET and Japan, odds and ends. Needless to say, we o-o-o-O-OWNED! Dan and Helana didn't think we would win but I knew it was in the bag. We got 8/10 on sports (our very weakest of the weak subjects) and we clean swept science n' math (10/10 thanks OC physics department!) I don't know how we did in other categories but I know it was well. We got first prize: a tee shirt that says "Tin's Hall: Damn Fine Bar" on the front and back and on the sleeve it says, "Drinker." My friends are demanding I write with permanent marker under drinker, "Of Orange Juice." I got quite into the event, perhaps a bit too into the event. I really wanted to win, it brought back the thrill of Academic Challenge, brain vs. brain vs. lucky guess. I yelled a few times when the readers gave hints to science questions that were no harder than any other question (which had no hints) I actually got rather angry at this point, one that Anna and I squabbled over throughout the night. I was annoyed because we were suppose to be able to produce answers to questions about English football without hints, but it was thought we would need help naming the heaviest element. Also there were hints to math problems involving a simple Pythagorean triplet when we were expected to know how many countries make up Africa. It was not fair to give hints/multiple guess in some fields and not others. It got me very irate indeed (and is making me a bit toasty now too!) But we walked away with the shirt and a cheer of "I am a Champion" (an illusion to a chapter in one of our districts text books), so one can't complain... too loudly.

TV or not TV? That IS the question!
I ordered a new TV from the hardware store. After returning the wide screen beauty, not trusting another recycled model, and seeing Yodabashi Camera's sets were way to high end for my wallet, I had no choice but to slump back to the hardware store. I walked down with my cart selected the set I wanted and found out they had to order it. Grrrr. I walked back with my cart looking rather silly carrying an empty cart both ways. But the TV is now on the way. It is a decent enough set but it is no panoramic masterpiece. When it arrives the home center will call me and I will, once more, drag my cart down there load it up and had for home...

Mysterious Package
I came home one night and found in my mail slot a slip indicated I had missed a delivery from a delivery service (ie not the post office) What could it be? I am not expecting anything! Mom and dad sent me a daily show tape but it arrived today via regular mail. What is the mystery package? I am thinking it might be my TV, that would be super! But one never knows. What is the package?

Harry Potter and The Skepticism of Grumpy
I am nearly finished with the Harry Potter series thus far. I am on the 5th book and about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through it. Expect future updates when I have finished the series. But here is a glimpse of things to come: first two kinda weak to so-so, third good book, fourth good book, fifth so far the best.

Cuteness as a function of sickness
I was pretty sick today. For some reason I have just started to produce epic amounts of snot. I don't mean James Cameron epic I am talking Biblical/Ancient Greek Epic amounts of snot. I didn't get any sleep last night, my throat is sore and I have the head cold of death. I went to school because I could still function and I need to conserve sick days for head ache days (ie those where I can't be in light) I have used a few already due to light = death days, and also as morning days when my Great Aunt died. So I went through school sniffling and sneezing. I was told while I was feeling particularly pathetic and blowing my nose (a minor taboo in Japanese society but I was soooo tired of sniffling) I looked "cute." Now I am called cute about a thousand times a day so I am pretty use to it, and there is also the fact that that I normally AM CUTE. But this was a distinctly UNcute time for me, at least that is what I thought at first. But perhaps my cuteness is inversely proportional to my health! Some calculate and experimentation is in order! This sickness thing provides a nice seg-way to...

WWE so close yet so far
The WWE is coming to Japan tonight (Friday) and tomorrow. I was thinking of going but the round trip by bullet train would have been $300 plus hotel plus actual seat. It was so tempting and Flora seemed interested so I thought I had a travel mate, but it was just too expensive and then there is the fact that I am now pretty sick and not up for it. So the WWE will just have to come and go. Sigh...

A note on procedure.
This is a strange little cultural thing that the Japanese do that I find amusing and also interesting. We had our monthly BOE meeting, in which Chris was embarrassed (a tradition at these meetings, I think next month will have it in the schedule) But the meeting ended early, at about 3:45. But the meeting was scheduled till 4:15. So we sat, because you leave when the meeting is scheduled to be over. It wasn't bad because all the middle school Daito JETs were there so we chatted pleasantly for the 30 mins or so, but it was very odd for me. Apparently this is a pretty common thing, if you end official business early you don't adjourn early, you stick it out. It is just an interesting cultural thing I thought I would pass along to all of you unwashed untraveled masses that live vicariously through me. That was your cultural bone for the month kids.

The Brothers Smash
Eric and Dave will be coming down in March for a weekend long Smash Brother's slam fest. I am really looking forward to it, but wishing old Team Canada and Ian were around to whip on. Ohh well, I will cower in the corner while the two goliaths duke it out and hopefully steal a few rounds in the process >:)

UPDATE: Mysterious Mysteries Revealed!
The package was an error. It was not meant for me. It was meant for someone else they just screwed up. The names didn’t match it was not bound for me. Sigh. I thought maybe I won the box full of money contest or at the very least it was my new TV that was delivered to my house rather than the home center.

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