Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Rice Cookin'

Sure the Senate and the House could have grilled Rice, they could have got Rice Steamed, they could have even boiled Rice, but they didn't because you can never trust a democrat to stand up for something that is right. But what started as potentially amusing aside filled with punning and games has suddenly taken a dark and unforeseen turn into politics. So let me start this entry over. I apologize for the attempt at wit...

While Katie was here I bought a rice cooker. I was pretty afraid of it due to the fact it is entirely in Japanese right down to the manual. Looking online I find no English manual in site. Luckily I am fluent in pushing random buttons and fallowing basic flow chart like diagrams in the instruction manual. And so 30 minuties after pushing the big red button I had sticky rice TO DIE FOR. Ohh it was wonderful. How I chortled, how I consumed, how I danced, how I tried to convince myself I had some kind of extra "kanji sense" that subliminally told me how to make the rice and guided my hand while button pressing. I made hamburger rice (much famed for being Caption Hook's favorite) It is a simple recipe (after all, I successfully make it on a regular basis) but it calls for a cup of rice. I made the rice in my rice cooker and added it. It was a bit too sticky, I will have to use more Kanji sense to work out how to make it less sticky, so the dish turned out rather thick, but it was super duper good. Boiling rice is no good. I will never go back, NEVER! Unless there is a horrible rice cooker related accident and I burn my apartment down because Kanji Sense royally screwed up...

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