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The Rise and Fall of My New “Telebi”

Alas my loyal readers, and only friends, alas. Today I got my new television (there is no “v” sound in Japanese so here they are called telebi’s (“i” makes the long e sound.)) It is a glorious panorama tv. A wondrous 60 cm x 35 cm (24 in x 14 in) the colors were sharp, the picture clear, there was a mode to change the way the image filled the screen to prevent stretching. Flat out, the Gamecube really shined on this set. Nintendo’s use of bright colors and detail was expertly reflected in the Japanese set: which tend to have more vivid electron guns and this model’s huge screen made minor details extra noticeable. Best of all I got it second hand for a mere $200 (a steel!). It was wonderful, but it was not to last. I was playing a Gamecube game (I ran through most of mine to see how they looked on the big screen!) and the picture faded away. I was disturbed, turned the set off than back on and the picture was back. Huh? But I got back into the game and forgot about it. A while later it happened again! This time toggling the on/off button did NOTHING. The picture was gone. I tried changing the input plug, I tried changing the outlet the TV was plugged into, I tried applying some force (Dr. Scofield would have been proud) but to no avail. I don’t even get the “dancing ants” static. There is no picture of any sorts, just a solid black screen of remorse. A few times the picture has come back after letting the TV sit for awhile, only to fade again later. It appears to be faulty. I have pressed all the buttons and none seem to fix the problem. I am really sad because tomorrow I will have to return it and get my money back, then I will have to buy a new new set. I will have to settle for a smaller set but so long as it is new there shouldn’t be a similar problem.

Alas, poor Victor Panoramic TV, I knew him (briefly) Horatio.

Sigh, I gotta go look at my cowboy hat banadana dog "cheer up!" mug...

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