Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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All's Quite on the the Eastern Front

Katie left today. I am pretty sad about that. It was really nice to have someone around to talk to and now my apartment seems so quite. Sure I can go back to dancing around with just my underwear on, but I never did that prior to her coming. So the "underwear thing" seems a minor compensation for loosing a friend back to the big bad Western World. I am also very board, Katie gave me someone to talk to and someone who shares common experiences in the form of Oberlin and physics. It was also reassuring to know that if I felt the need to make a joke about a degenerative eigen-state within an n-dimensional system (and no david I will not sell that joke to you so stop bugging me about it :P ) she would at least snicker.

I will update soon with details on lots of stuff but for now I am going back to my original plan of staring doe eyed out my window punctuated with long wistful sighs...


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