Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The last few days

I forgot to report that I called IBM about my drive on Wednesday. When I got home on Thursday I had a packing slip. After a bit of trouble communicated with the driver, in Japanese, things got sorted out. He delivered the drive about an hour later. Wow it took less than a day to get my drive from IBM. I guess that “I” really does stand for “International.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Horror of horrors! Mos Burger, a Japanese burger chain, has rotated its menu. I walked in last night to try a hotdog with fruit curry and black bean paste and it was gone. I should have been more courageous and tried it sooner. Now it is gone, replaced by a mundane chicken and mustard sandwich. The utter sadness, the utter sadness.

Another typhoon is on the way, and this one will probably hit us. The last typhoon misted us (haha "mist" its a weather joke, and the best I could do) by a pretty big amount. There were some mild winds and what not but nothing spectacular. But this next typhoon looks to actually hit us. It is in the Southern Islands and is going to sweep up the archipelago. The eye will not go over Osaka but the sides will. Like an idiot I have started laundry. I wonder how well my cloths will dry in a torrential downpour. Ohh well, if it starts to rain or wind I will just have to dry my close inside in the bathroom. Speaking of my bathroom it cleaning it is a lot of fun. It is designed for a traditional Japanese bath, where you clean yourself outside of the bath either in a shower or by dumping buckets of water over yourself. Only when you are clean do you climb into the tub and soak. I had a wonderful traditional bath at the traditional hotel I stayed at in Kyoto when I visited Dave in January. It is magnificently relaxing. Anyways, my bathroom is water proof because of this. The floor has a drain, the walls are water proof, even the ceiling is water proof. It doesn’t make for the prettiest interior but it makes cleanup fun. The showerhead detaches and so to clean my bathroom you just spray the place down. It was fun to just spray everything! If only my living room was like that.

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