Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The "Back Again" part...

Hello my loyal readers and only friends. Katie and I made it safely to the land of the rising sun. The plane ride was rather icky as I was not particularly well. I could have used a cold Leninade to get me through some of the lame parts. The staff also replaced the potential magna opus Catwoman (har-har) with the movie Princess Diaries 2 which is perhaps the only movie that could be legitimately worse, and certainly less fun to watch, than Catwoman. I slept a lot due to the fact that I stayed up really really late Monday night to sleep a lot on the plane. Woke up and felt sick so it was back to bed. The good news is that jet lag is working for me, as far as work goes, I was awake about 6:30 am we went to bed around 9:30-10. I usually wake up for work around 7:30. All the same I do not go back till Monday. Yipppiee.

Time to get me some fried rice from the gyoza dinner(which I have been CRAVING State Side)

I will try and update again soon with vital information from my US vacation, including:
1) vital information on being a gentleman and a scholar among The League
2) my new favorite author/philosopher/social critic/gentleman/scholar/all around great guy
3) christmas related info
4) the happenings of Katie's visit
5) other things
6) stuff

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