Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The "There" part of "There and Back Again"

I am home. The long flight over the Pacific was extra rough but it wasn't too bad. If you put your arms up it makes the ride feel better, more expensive than Cider Point, but still fun. I got to see the movie i Robot which sucked, they should have just made Asimov's i Robot into a film, than it would have rocked. I also got to see Elf. It was better than expected and down right charming at points. I enjoyed it, it wasn't the gold that some people say it is, but not too shabby.

The ride from Chicago to Cleveland was yucky. I hate small planes. They reak of unsafe to me. I felt sick on the short ride, but it is only a 45 min commute so no big deal.

Then I was home and jet lag hit me. First I woke up today at 5:30 am (7:30 pm Osaka) and wrapped the majority of my gifts. Then I went to sleep at about 9-10 am (11 pm - 12 am osaka) I then slept until 8 pm (10 am osaka) when I was woken up by little Evie's wet nose in my face. I called down to mom, "Is it night time or day time?" It is currently 7 am (9 pm Osaka) and I am thinking of going to bed. This whole thing has me pretty messed up. I need to do daytime things in the next couple of days like get my hair cut, see my Grandparents, eat fast food, some other random stuff.

The snow here is horrible. I have not driven in 1/3 of a year and to come back to ice has been rather fun, in that "never let your hands leave the wheel" kind of fun.

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