Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7: the End, the Goodness, the Curse

I have finished Buffy, and enjoyed the ride. I am reflecting on it all and am very pleased. I have some complaints though. So let’s get those out of the way. First I think they partially ruined Willow’s character. One thing I always liked about Willow is she loves so intensely and deeply. She loved Zander for half her life, when Oz left it nearly killed her and took her a long time to get over, and when Tara was killed she flipped out and nearly destroyed the earth. Willow is not the type of person that would just jump into a new relationship. She loves way too deeply for that. So why then did she instantly shack up with Kennedy? It annoys me to no end. Some people can just jump from one major relationship right into something new without much thought reflection or pain, but Willow’s character is not one of those people. I hated Kennedy and Willow and I also hated how we were not allowed to see Willow really suffer as much as she would have and some of the other characters did after their break ups. One of her greatest loves was dead and because of that she nearly killed everyone. So Tara isn’t even cold in her grave and she is jumping into bed with Kennedy? Come on! It would have been better for Willow to start to get close to Kennedy, but then call it off because she wasn’t ready it would have shown she still has work to do and is still recovering for what she became. Instead of this, we have a very unrealistic and trite “everything is okay!” When it shouldn’t be. There is also the fact that Buffy at its best is social commentary, and it has done a nice job with topics of feminism, gender roles, and also gay-lesbian issues. To have Willow just jump right into bed with Kennedy when other characters in heterosexual relationships are shown greiving longer does not help to dispell the myth that homosexuals are sexual promiscuious and do not really love the way "noramal" people do. I think Whedon dropped the ball on this one in terms of character and social commentary.

Next complaint is a direct byproduct of the Andrew Curse. Guess what? My favorite character died. Dear Anaya died in the final episode. NO! I realize it had to be done. Being a demon responsible for killing countless the only true way for her to reform and become human would be to die nobly, but she was my favorite! I think it would have been better for the situation to be reversed and had Anaya cower and Andrew saving her. Anaya, I think, had more to learn about being human. Andrew needed to be a hero. Plus it was Anaya! It just upset me a lot, I understand why it was done, but I don’t agree with it completely, I mean anyone could have died other than maybe Zander!

So that is the bad, now let me talk about the good. Zander’s character was really focused on in the final season and it is about darn time! I loved when Zander’s true power was revealed. He was the moral support, the one that sees and brings out the inner strength of each character. I like to think I had a simlar role in Physics problem set meetings. His moment with Dawn when she revealed his "power" was touching and poignant. And it was completely devastating when the Preacher said, “You’re the one that sees everything ain’t cha?” you knew what was coming even before the line was completed, “Let’s see if we can’t do something about that.” When he poked out Zander’s eye it was so sad. I never saw it coming. The scene when he is with Willow in the hospital talking about all the good things about not having an eye - having a pirate patch, not seeing Jaws 3D, etc was heart breaking. Just below the surface was such defeat. When Willow began to cry I got misty eyed too. I also like that it didn’t really slow Zander down. For any other character it would have meant a long period of brooding and examination, but Zander has a strange strength that none of the other characters have and I am glad that it was shown in its fullest manifestation. Which is why Anaya should have lived! Zander lost his eye and it looked like they were going to get back together! It just isn’t a good ending to have World Ending Willow walking away with her hot new partner while Tara was seemingly just buried and everybody elses partner is gone. Well that isn’t true, because I was pleased that Faith was redeemed in the end and hooked up with the uber cool Robin. I loved Faith she was much more interesting than Buffy. Buffy tried to do the bad girl thing in past seasons but Faith rocks. I liked that she hooked up with Principal Woods. He was wickedly cool. If only he and Faith jumped ship to Angel I would have liked to see more of them.

As far as episodes go, I have to say this season was strong from start to finish. I liked Andrew’s exaggerations and “stories” about what happened. I really like when he is talking about (and it is being acted out as if it really happened) Faith killing a Vulcan. When, in fact, she killed a volcanologist. And for the record, the First was a wicked good villain. The fact that the evil of every dead person is contained wholly in the First was used very well, but I wish we had a bit more of the blast from the past moments. The use of the Mayor was good because he is the Mayor and I like him, a lot! I also think during the final battle the First should have turned into the people being slaughtered around Buffy it would have been a much more painful confrontation with Buffy. I would have liked to see more of Adam, the Master, and Grace. I got a little tired of Warren being used. Drusilla was used well to torment spike though. If only the other past villians could have been incorporated a little better. Conversations with Dead People was a great way to start the season with a really intense and terrifying story. Well done! I wish there wasn't so much of the slayers in training. I found most of them annoying but I also realize that this season needed some serious cannon fodder, but couldn't Kennedy have died instead of the English girls?

As for my current final thoughts, I think Buffy and Angel were amazing. The seven seasons of Buffy and all five seasons of Angel kept the greatness going from beginning to end. Both were tragic, funny, triumphant and amazing. Both wisely went out on top rather than letting the series fall into disarray and going out with only the fan boys and girls left. Although it is hard to see these series end when I know Whedon still had some great seasons still in him, I would rather have these series end on top than scrapping the bottom of the barrel. But couldn’t we have a special TV mini-series wrapping up the Buffy and Angel verse?

Next I will have to start the current TV series The Lost, David promises it delivers. I prefer to get stuff that is already out and already compiled on suprnova so I don’t have to be too diligent with keeping up to date. I am thinking I will also download the back seasons of The Shield. I am resisting downloading the West Wing, because Mom tends to get them for holidays and it is fun to watch with my family. Any other suggestions my loyal readers and only friends?

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