Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Journy to the Undercity

I went into Osaka again today, this time with a mission to find a Toys R Us. See when I was a young chap, I loved Transformers, and I especually loved the "blah blah blah"cons models, because they were a series of transformer that could either be vehicles, robots, or all combine into one giant robot. I had the Constructacons, Stuntdacons, Pedicons and some knock off versions. They were brilliant! So when I was in Yodobashi a few days back I see the Stuntdacons are back! So I bought the new version and fell in love. I wanted to buy the Combatacons as well but Yodabashi had sold out. Searching online to see if they were available in the states (and thus Christams present material) I descovered they were not and to top matters off there is a Japan exclusive the Constructacons are back! I had to have all three! I go online and searched litterally for hours looking for Toys R Us's to go and how to get there. I got a general idea and went today. My trip took my by train, taxi, and subway. I also had to roam around under Osaka in what I frequently refer to as "The Undercity." Japan does not just build vertically, it also builds underground. The Undercity is a series of massive complexes underground. There are resteraunts, stores, subways, etc ect. There are also very few landmarks and everytime I go underground in this country I seem to get very lost if I am not very very carefull. Luckily I didn't get lost, and made it to the station I thought I needed to go to. I grab a taxi because I had NO clue were Toys R Us may be. It was right down the street! So fair was a little unfair becasue you get a nice chunk of distance for a flat rate at first, and I probably only used up 1/5 of it, but I would not have really found the place without it so I didn't care. I went into Toys R Us which is NOT laid out like they are in the states, a fact I found scary and it made me uncomfortable. I found the Transformers eisle after looking at the Nintendo DS's but never getting a chance to play because the line was too long and all the kids wouldn't hurry up so I could have my turn! I find the transformers and there are the combatacons, but no Constructacons! Gahhh! The Constructacons (called Buildacons here) were some of my favorites way back when I was an iddy biddy boy. So I will have to keep my eyes open and ear to the ground for them. But now I have two out of the three and they are looking tough on my TV gaurding the room against further earthquakes!

Fun fact, Orson Wells, yes THE Orson Wells, did the voice of Unicron in the Transformers Movie. Leonard Nimoy was Galvatron's voice, and Eric Idle did a few voices himself.

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