Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Earthquakes still don’t equal Funquakes

Last night (Wednesday) was awesome right up until it the time that it wasn’t… First Flora and I went to Mr. Donuts and had some yummy after school goodness. Then she told me she was going to the Umeda sky building for a German Christmas Fair and did I want to go. I wanted to go to Yodabashi Camera and buy a Transformer I have had my eye on and we shared a train stop. I rode with her and Anna to Osaka station and out we all got. Anna checked out some clothes and then they headed to the Umeda Sky building itself. I got the guy I wanted and headed over there too. The German Christmas was kinda lame, we spent way to much to ride the carousel which played Barry White. I suggested we go up into the building, and so we did. It costs 700 yen to go to the 35th floor you ride up in a glass elevator which had me and Flora intimidated, though Anna and Flora had been prior. Then it gets even scarier! You go up another story or two on a glass escalator! That was a “keep your eyes straight ahead at all times” moment for me. Then you are on the observation area you can go another story up and you are on the roof between the two towers. All in all you are about 40ish stories up, and the view was amazing. (Umeda Sky Building the two things going into the “UFO” at the top are the escalators, the tall scaffolding liking things on the inside of the tower are the glass elevators) All of Osaka was sprawled out in front of us. It seemed to extend forever. The lights were dazzling. It was very impressive to be up there. It is now a must do for anyone who visits me. I want to go and see how it feels in the morning. We stayed up there for a while just looking out over the city. Watching the trains and bridges crisscross the rivers, and the planes coming into Osaka’s various airports. It was rather wonderful. By the time we rode the escalator and glass elevator down again I was accustom to the height and it no longer bothered me, despite the numerous nagging fears of an earthquake hitting, as well as Flora yelling we would all be doomed if an earthquake happened. I had a great time. When we got home, way too late, I single handedly moved crappy couch to the curb! A degree in physics pretty much means I have a college degree in “how to move crap.” I was back in my apartment happy when an earthquake hit. It was strange, because it lasted next to nothing. There was just a strong jolt, and that was it. I didn’t even hear my dishes rattle. It still wasn’t fun and it made me think about the fact that I had previously been 36 stories in the air incased in nothing more than a Plexiglas tube, and that was a bit discomforting. So the day was fun, the quaking was not.

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