October 29th, 2008

Light in the Dark

Obama-Corddry '08 Speaking Tour!

When Obama went to Canton, my parents (who have been working on his campaign) went to see him. I wanted to go but the Alliance Headquarters was only giving out so many tickets and since I'll be voting for Ralph Nader, I decided it was better to give up my ticket and let someone who will be voting for Obama see him.

Needless to say, my poor mother got a migraine on the way to the Civic Center but when Obama came on stage to speak, the migraine was gone. This cannot be mere coincidence. I can only conclude that BRARACK OBAMA HEALED MY MOTHER.

In other speaking news, at Kent Stark Rob Corddry (of the Daily Show fame) spoke. He gave a hilarious presentation, but most of the people in the audience were old and more conservative (both culturally and politically) than I think he expected. So though my parents, the young folks, and I all found it hilarious the sea of gray haired people did not find it so. Ohhh well, I had fun!

Rob Corddry: