July 23rd, 2008

Manga Me

Impeachment & Courage

This Friday Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich will stand before the House Judicial Committee and present 35 counts for the impeachment of George W. Bush. This is courage of the highest order. He stands in stark contrast to his party and the atmosphere of D.C. in general. I know that some of you that read my blog do not agree with Kucinich's personal politics, but I encourage everyone to read over the Articles themselves:

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Certainly some of these Articles are stronger than others, but if you agree with even one of them (regardless of your political stripe), then please sign Kucinich's petition. This will not be an easy battle to win. The Republican's are willing to follow Bush into the depths of Hell, and the Democratic Party led by Pelosi's, Reid's, and Obama's are content to let the clock expire on the Bush Presidency. They are content to let what has happened slide, something to be filed away under "a lesson learned". I know it is easy to think that the magic wonderful Democrats will come to power and all the badness will go away. But for god's sake look at the complacency in the Democratic Party. Impeaching Bush will wake everyone up. We need BOTH parties to know that we like our Fourth Amendment Rights (even if Obama/Bush do not -- see FISA) we must show BOTH complicit Democrats and complicit Republicans alike that the rule of law still means something to us even if it does not to them. That is how things get better.

Be a patriot.