November 9th, 2006

Andrew Magnum

A Strongly Worded Letter

I'm still really upset about what happened with regard to the Mid Year Seminar. I worked really hard on creating a presentation that I could be proud of and that I would want to give. To be perfectly honest, right now I could care less about my finished product. I worked everyday on that thing for a month, and with the date rapidly approaching I haven't even opened the file these last few days. I had a solid deadline of Nov 1st: the power point presentation would be finished, and it was. I was in the process of memorizing it, sculpting the phrasology, and making a kick ass presentation. No more.

I fluctuate from rage to extreme indifference about the whole thing, but while in a rage mindset I sent a strongly worded letter to my JET representative at OBOE. She is just another JET, so has no real power. She had sent me the info about how she couldn't give me the info about my partner. She is blameless in this, but she is my only real link to the chain of command. The letter is firm but fair, at least I think so. Feedback, is always welcome.

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Re-reading it I may have been a little harsh, but that assessment may just be byproduct of the fact that I am currently violently disinterested in doing anything for these people. I am sure when my mood swings back towards swearing and spitting through gnashed teeth I will read my letter and think it was not harsh enough.
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