July 14th, 2006

Toys and Games


Yesterday Dan and I went into town and stopped at Sega Joyopolos in the HEP 5 department store (it’s the one with the Farris wheel built directly into the store). Joyopolis is an arcade. We were hoping to find the latest Virtua Fighter (VF 5). Dan is a big fan of the series. Regrettably the game was not there. But the Mario Kart arcade game was. I know it has been out for a long time, but this is the first time I played it. It was made by Namco (what?!) but it acceptably captures the MK experience. The absolute most brilliant part is that after you pick your driver you have your picture taken and input into the game. Your picture than appears above your car. I was Mario so my picture had a big red hat on and Mario’s trademark ‘stache. Dan was Luigi and had similar hilarious additions. The game was great and reminded me why arcades are so much fun. I always have a great time at JJ Club but their games are older. It was just a fun time. Arcades need to make a comeback in the States.

Speaking of the States, it is likely my next update will come from dear Ohio, because I leave Japan in five days!
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