June 21st, 2006

Andrew Magnum

Head Punch Man!

I was working with the first graders when one of them randomly told me “chair-kick”. Often the first graders just string English words together to create odd chains of partially sensible language. I thought this may be the case so I demonstrated what “chair kick” would mean, by lightly kicking his chair. This, it turns out, was hilarious. He is a good kid but for some reason was not doing his English class work. He kept talking about chair kick. This eventually changed when he remembered the word “punch” so he was talking about “chair punch”. I eventually went over and jokingly told him if he did not start doing his English work I would “head punch” him with an appropriate miming of what such an act would entail. His group thought this was marvelously funny. He started yelling “head punch man” whenever I was near him. Then he was asking me “Are you head punch man?” I responded that I was a little. I pointed to someone doing their homework and said “Good! No head punch.” I rinse and repeated that until I got to him where I said, “BAD! HEAD PUNCH!” and bonked him on the head. I fear that, like Andrew Magnum, this had made such an impression on my youngins that I am likely to be known as Head Punch Man in that class from now on.
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