September 4th, 2005

Manga Me

Bad Sin Good Sin

6 of the gang got changed $150 for two orange juices (mine), a cowpis (milk based drink) and 3-4 bottles of bear. We didn't know there was a seating charge AND a karaoke charge. Arg. That is a bad sin.

What I am currently eating is a really GOOD sin. It is just a family mart bento, it is chicken tonkatsu (deep fried breaded, in this case chicken) on this tonkatsu is soy sauce, spice stone ground mustard, a little bit of katchup, and a hint of america cheese. I dislike the American "cheese" but anyone that knows me knows I LOVE sauces. I love mustards and vinegrets and sauces. This is so delicious it must be sinful. Add some white rice with some black seasemy seads and WOW this is good. SOOOOO GOOD. It has to be sinful how good this is.

Sin can be bad, sin can be so delicious.
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