April 23rd, 2005

Manga Me

The secret origins of "Andrew: For all your rational thought needs."

Last night Daito Massive went to the Izakaia (bar/restaurant) under the Southern folks building. This is no big surprise for Friday night. As was par for the course, the food was amazing. Chris tried a new dish having something to do with "tuna cheeks" I don't know what that means, but I do know this is an absolutely amazing dish. It has really large pieces of tuna steak cooked in a delicious dark, sort of spicy, sauce. Ohh my...

During the night my friends drank progressively more and more, and I tended to match them in orange juice. So by the end, people were in various states of drunken decay and Kate asked me to do a simple subtraction calculation. Flora was "upset" that Kate only asked me and wanted to know why. Kate responded that since I was the only one sober she thought I had a better shot at it, leading to the first quote about me, "Andrew: for all your sober needs." Which Dan then changed to "Andrew: for all your rational thought needs." Which is far more accurate indeed.