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Half-Life 2 is IN JAPAN!!!

Yes my loyal readers and only friends. My copy of Half-Life 2 is IN JAPAN, IN OSAKA no less. But horror of horrors it did not find its way to fair Daito City today. The sadness the utter sadness. But tomorrow, OHH GLORIOUS DAY. To soften my pain I finished season 3 of Buffy reviewed, above...

Tomorrow ohhh tomorrow...

And a special message to people getting their copies of Half-Life 2 in DECEMBER when they got Halo 2 the day it came out at Midnight: You may call yourselves "a true gamer" because you are willing to play inferior games on inferior systems, but true gamers get the best games when they come out! People who stand in line at Midnight to get the Halo 2s of the world and then put off getting the Half-Life 2s are not true gamers they are a Lamer Head, Face, Butt. :P

Have fun with Master Chief while I am having fun with Alyx... BOOooooOO YEeeaaAH!

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