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Does your citizenship have a price?

Does your citizenship have a price? Mine does, as of tomorrow I will value my citizenship at $2,400 plus all that intangible crap about "Being an American" they teach in civics books. I am a bit mad, it appears the IRS lost part of my application to provide me with a form that literally reads, "To the best of our knowledge, so-and-so is a citizen of the United States of America." Here I thought, being the government, they would be able to state a little more firmly if I was a citizen or not, but I digress. This statement sounds so trivial yet this piece of paper will be worth $2,400 to me. In order to get out of paying taxes in Japan, I have to prove I am a citizen. I need the IRS to do that, and they lost my form so now I have to fax them new stuff. In the meantime I AM paying taxes in Japan, thus I am shelling out $600 a month. Here is a fun practical mathematics problem, if I have given the Japanese government $2,400 and I pay $600 a month, how long have I been living in Japan? Keeping in mind that the IRS said the form would be processed and they would warn me of any errors in a month and I sent said form in in August, how many months late is the IRS in notifying me? Show all your work.

But there is good news. When I get this form in Japan gives me my money back, which will seem like a pay check and then some when this is all done. I am really quite mad at the IRS and that tomorrow I have to give out another 60,000 yen. I wouldn't mind (knowing I will get it back and all) but Christmas is coming up and I have things to buy (and OAOM nears completion and I long for the final mad sprint!)

Yet, I can't be too mad, after all Half-Life 2 is coming my way and in a month I will be coming home for a nice break. But I better have my tax forms by then or I will personally go down to the IRS and, well given the fact that I am completely at their mercy, I will do nothing but politely ask some pretty pointed questions!

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