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In Four Days the world will collectively ask, "Why did we even bother to buy that microsoft shooter, what was it called?" and "What was that other third person shooter to come out this year? I can't even remember its name it was so lame."

Yes loyal readers and my only friends, on November 16th Half Life 2 ships. On November 16th you can reprise your role as Dr. Gordon Freeman, phD graduate of MIT with a degree in theoretical physics. On November 16th it will be time for a Newtonian demonstration: a crowbar, its mass, and its acceleration. The only talk you will hear of Master Chiefs, the only talk you will hear of Space Marines, is that they where out classed, out written, out performed, out gunned, out graphicsed, out sounded, and out-and-out out imagioned, in short they never had a chance. On November 16th there will only be the most comprehensive physics engine (SOURCE) ever created for first person shooters.

Soon, there will only be Half Life 2.

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