Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

What’s in a name?

There has been some confusion about my blog’s name, A Recovering Physicist’s Apology, it isn’t an “I’m sorry” kind of apology. I choose the name as a spoof of G. H. Hardy’s masterpiece A Mathematician's Apology. It is the classical sense of “apology” that is to say a defense and/or a justification. Weird how words shift over time! Anyways, I am not apologizing for being a physics major, because I get far far too much joy from laughing and pointing at people when they try and impress me by saying they majored in a tough subject like Environmental Studies, or Economics, or Chemistry, or English, or Literature, or a language, or Music, or Computer whatcha callit, or Philosophy, or Biology, or History, or Mathematics, or something that ends with “Studies, “ or anything that isn’t physics. Ohh you want an apology for that statement? I am elitist what can I say. Okay, okay here is my apology, I am sorry your major wasn’t anywhere near as rigorous as mine and you are a lesser person because of it. That’s A Recovering Physicist’s Apology!

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