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Two Natural Disasters in the Span of Days

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Previous Entry Two Natural Disasters in the Span of Days Oct. 25th, 2004 @ 05:24 pm Next Entry
Last week Japan got hit hard by a typhoon. It is a record number to hit the archipelago in some time. Part of it passed over Osaka and I must say, I thought I knew rain, but I was wrong. It started to drizzle in the morning than it started to rain, by noon it was pouring. It continued to do so until around 9 at night. By this time the river had risen about 9-12 feet, and this is a river that is about 30-40 feet wide and stretches farther than I can see in either direction. That is a huge volume of water! I went out to get lunch and should have not even bothered to bring an umbrella. It was useless. The rain hit the ground and splashed up and the wind carried the drops under the bell of the umbrella. I was soaked when I got home. No one was badly hurt round here but there was some major flooding in the prefectures North, North-East of us.

To top of the typhoon, a series of huge earthquakes (in the low to mid 6’s on the Richter scale) hit the prefectures near Toyama. They hit Saturday in the mid afternoon. I don’t really recall feeling them here, so they must not have carried very far. I probably felt them but thought it was a truck passing or something. There was a lot of damage done by the quake and some people were killed. Japan really took a double hit from Mother Nature. But I am okay.
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