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Blog Wars Episode VI: Return of the Grumpi

Recently David of David's Blog ( continued his vicious and unimaginably unfounded attacks on your humble narrator. David's recent, and perhaps most vicious, claims aim to shame and hurt your beloved narrator. Yet I stand grumpy and resolute in my convictions. I do not find the WWE Diva Lita attractive in any way shape or form, as David asserts.

I fear that David has crossed a sacred line in the sand. I fear there is no turning back. I must reveal his deepest secret, in a hope that this will at long last end these Blog Wars. In a drunken and "high on life" induced stooper David revealed the following shocking revelation. David told me that he thinks that the WWE Diva Jazz is, and these are his exact words, "uber-hot." It seems that David has a thing for Jazz's rugged good looks, electrifying personality, fresh gimmick, and, again his own words, "Ohh so scrumptious body!" I was shocked. I told myself that David has been high on life now for a long time, so he has probably built up a tolerance for life. Maybe he consumed two or three days worth of life, or maybe he took life in a spoon and boiled away the impurities (like work), thus imbibing pure life. This is what I told myself to shake the images from my mind’s eye. Yet, the next day, a completely sober David asked I never share his secret and unquenchable love for WWE persona Jazz. In good faith I agreed to keep it a secret.

Alas, I have been pushed too far. I have broken my oath. This Blog War has driven me to this level. Perhaps history will judge me as a bad friend for betraying David’s trust, but at least I don’t find Jazz “uber-hot”...

David, his secret revealed, will now be extra desperate, his site is untrustworthy. Be warned.

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