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Baka! Baka! Baka!

Baka is Japanese for stupid! Right now I am pretty Baka! Yesterday was super trash day, which means I could have gotten rid of the iron maiden crappy couch, but like an IDIOT I forgot to put the couch out. So I still have it. I have moved it into the other room and stood it upright, but by looking couch like it mocks me and reminds me of my failure as a champion of apartment greatness. So the iron maiden is now modern art. I can’t believe I forgot super trash day. When I realized it came and went I felt like I slept through Christmas and also forgotten to buy presents for everyone. It was that bad. Getting the maiden out of my main room is really nice though, it has left me plenty of room, all I need now for Operation Apartment of Marble to be a complete success are the following items:
Destruction of Crappy Couch
New TV
Region Free DVD player
Chest of Drawers

Icing on the cake of OAM:
Getting to watch as Crappy Couch is destroyed while laughing at its suffering wide eyed and tooth grinned. I really have come to hate that couch. I mean I hate it too such an extent I now have day dream about ways to break it. CURSE YOU CRAPPY COUCH!
Washer with Dryer (hanging things on the line leaves my clothes stiff and a bit uncomfortable - don’t believe with the white linen cloth blowing peacefully in the wind as the woman with the sun dress dances around, I have put on a sun dress and dance around on my balcony and my sheets are still stiff, “line dried fresh” yeah right!)

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