Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The System is Down

My poor Macbook Pro.  I bought it my second year of JET making it about 5-7 years old.  Those 7 years have seen it lugged back and forth over the Pacific a couple time, move around the US, and pretty much be on 24/7 in that time period.

About a year ago, the battery died.  That's okay; I run it off AC current 90% of the time anyway.
About half a year ago, I was putting batteries in my mouse and dropped it directly onto the track pad, messing it up so that there is really only one "sweet spot" where the click still works easily.  That's okay; I have a mouse anyways!
Today, I put a DVD in the drive, and it spit it out.  I put another in, and it spit it out.  It looks like the optical drive has failed.  That's... damn.

I'm kind of in a bind right now.  Doing a quick peek online, to fix the problems looks like it will run me $500 easy, and I'm not sure a 7 year old computer is worth that work.  I love this computer, it's a tank, but it's also an ailing tank that may need to be taken off the front lines.  But here's the problem:
1)  I'm a poor grad student
2)  I'm saving to visit my friends' wedding in England

I don't know what I'll do.  I was thinking of getting a mac mini as a media center for my TV, so, this computer (if I get around to fixing the drive) could do that role quite well, so that could work.  I don't know... I've had a crappy week.

Hey, Life, boo!

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